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  1. Hi Sir. Can you teach me how to code like your game Eazy Math. I know this is too much but i really need to learn on how to make games like Math for my thesis project. I hope i can get your feedback soon.


  2. xboxct


    Hoping i can get some tutorials similar to this game. This really stress me because this project is for my thesis. IF the answer is correct then the nearest zombie will die.
  3. xboxct

    Math Logic

    How to auto generate equation like 10x2 = and generate 4 numbers with its answer?
  4. Looking some source code for this for my thesis project. so sad
  5. xboxct

    Math Games

    similar to this or anything that has a math.
  6. xboxct

    Math Games

    Hello guys, Any math games free source code here? I badly need it for my thesis and i am new to this phaser scripts. Hopefully someone can help me.
  7. Hello guys, i am knew in this community and this game development. So hopefully someone can help me out in this newbee problem