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  1. Awesome
  2. @enpu please don't give up panda2😢 , the engine hasn't been updated almost 4 month. I am so sad 😭 enpu please come back to continue to work on it. panda users are waiting for you Panda has great Potential , I love it. haha
  3. For html5 game engines within coding: I tried using Phaser 2, 3 and panda engine. Babylon.js still learning. Phaser is so many tutorials ,examples and game templates on internet. It is very easy for beginner to learn Phaser. Panda2 is much better than Phaser 3 actually, It has a more powerfull editor that will let you preview your game, export an android or IOS platform and make your coding even faster.. (for phaser you need to use Third-party software) But it is not free and too few tutorials and examples. the trial version is not enough to complete a complicated game and you need license key to download plugins and game templates. so Panda2 is not suitable for beginner. I think Phaser 3 have great potentialities, it will surpass Panda in the future.
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    Nice to meet you all, I love html5 game
  5. Comment: This plugin does not have buttons and not support two finger touchpad. sad
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    Nice to meet you, I am new member too