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  1. droggam

    Preview a Scene

    Lol is it called panorama? I want know too IF its possible...
  2. droggam

    3d positioning

    Hi leta say i have a spaceship, how do i define a special point in vector3 y,z,x with help with THE scene in My case i try attach a flag but dont know how to find 3d position easiest possible way?
  3. @JonVarner check this out ! i made it work, with shadows myself my scene lag but loook much better. https://www.babylonjs-playground.com/#0TG0TB
  4. var shadowGenerator = new BABYLON.ShadowGenerator(1024, light); Next, you have to define which shadows will be rendered. Here we want the shadow of our torus, but you can “push” any meshes you want: shadowGenerator.getShadowMap().renderList.push(torus); Introduced with babylon.js v3.1, there are two new helper functions to deal with shadow casters: addShadowCaster(mesh, includeDescendants): Helper function to add a mesh and its descendants to the list of shadow casters removeShadowCaster(mesh, includeDescendants): Helper function to remove a mesh and its descendants from the list of shadow casters And finally, you will have to define where the shadows will be displayed... by setting a mesh parameter to true: ground.receiveShadows = true; @JonVarner check this out! Its as much as i can help you its from THE documentation... You have two helper fn to either add/remove meshes like u asked Descandents is same submesh Cheers.
  5. i tested a bit but fail to see any difference in shadows... but to your problem, try push only the meshes you want shadows on. Like in your code u push the @whole model.... normally there can be about 5-10 meshes in one daddy mesh. only one of those represent the full object If you iterate the scene.meshes you can find out what number belong to what meshname 😃 shadowGenerator.getShadowMap().renderList.push(scene.meshes[10])
  6. droggam

    Color Pallettes

    @Deltakosh Yes sir i took first best one u offered, from what i can tell i can edit an own color table just if i know how to think 😃 Is the other better? cheers
  7. @Nodragem I may come forward as total nub but its correct as far as i can see it has no exported member like that something in ur code is off. I dont have that exported member neither.
  8. droggam

    Color Pallettes

    @Deltakosh I tried first examples, i searched Google etx, but cant find new tables only those in THE examples.. My goals is kind of to try copy Starcraft or some cool colorscheme. And also can i build table myself and how to do it? And thanks for particles helper cool create Sun in 3 lines code awesome.
  9. There Always a way to hack or bruteforce crack THE code... IF u can code u can iterate over all meshes in THE array.. And My car object has Windows,tyres, etx in it, i also hear about getmeshbyname method i think. And with your pickresult method u can att least console.log (picked.mesh) So there is a way for sure..
  10. droggam

    Color Pallettes

    @Deltakosh thanks i Will check it out So far im happy with babylonjs i have tons questions but trying research it Im down 4-500 lines code rn im also happy its compatible with angular 6 And documentation is very Good too. I kind of failed in phaser3 though Cheers
  11. droggam

    Color Pallettes

    Hi im pretty new to coding games. hello im working On fun game just practise basics. and I kind of know there is colorschemes everything f 8 bit till today. how do i configure this in babylonjs?
  12. droggam

    BabylonJs with Angular 6

    ye i understand but everything seems to load, its 2 textures not loading correctly from what i can tell, THE errors you see has nothing to do with it they just tell you kind of 3 packages not installed I have THE same error. however to fix your error try this change importmesh() to SceneLoader.Append() so u append scene maybe it fix THE textures problems @ghostman And also My createscene FN is void doesnt have to return anything. but whatever works for you 😋 cheers
  13. droggam

    Texture Projection (for an AoE style effect)

    Well i, @HoratioHuffnagel Im not an expert coders like THE others here but maybe try think arena as Huge chessboard. Where Evert click has unique id.... Then u want onclick observable maybe? With an event which tile was clicked? And then create an animation there Like drawing a cross or circle... I hope im not totally Lost but thats what i would do! Cheers
  14. droggam

    What the best 3d framework?

    @EpicKingdom_ Best way is to try different libraries I only have tested phaser3 and babylonjs Somehow I prefer 3d babylonjs. Phaser is very cool with color Pallettes But lack some documentation imho
  15. droggam

    3D Game Showcase?

    Well im working on a shooter but it Will take a while, I think there tons of examples online, but both coding and 3dmodel is costing time, i think 2d games is harder imho from My experience, and also gamedevs kind of few 300 lines of code takes a Day or so and Still it can be only a ball in space😋