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  1. yea follow deltakosh i dont think u know very much if u have cors problem its not really related to babylonjs..... i think u need easiest way is to upload file somewhere else. i doubt u can easy fix problem on ur own cor problem is fixed by sending headers in ur request or by allowing loxalhost42000 in server file
  2. droggam

    Pausing execution...

    @Deltakosh how u know so much? 😃 I wonder how to be advanced and master babylon yet im so on tillt rn i thoiught everything was easy till i started with physics imposter joints etx 😃
  3. try have the file locally on the server and make model object point to the correct path... the line code 19 is on babulon server and not accesible i guess. I think ur case u need to have a valid file.
  4. no everything works for me in localhost. Your problem is that u give us 2 files that doesnt even belong in the code u need to change the model url to ur file. and it should work ur files doesnt work i tested it try a glb file the example works though i tried babylon file with a skull it works perfecet ur file is either not accible or corrupt
  5. im not expert in standalone html js usage with babylonjs but.... it says clearly that u didnt specify the correct url in the js file u want html to load... so show us the viewer.js file instead on line 19 u find the error😇 i checked fast to just check i found this <script src="https://cdn.babylonjs.com/viewer/babylon.viewer.js"></script>
  6. I cant check right now in pc but Wat ur asking is really basics... Think of cam as another mesh u can rotate it position and manage its direction in animations examples😋
  7. i dont understand... target is like focus a specific mesh.. rotation is just rotating THE camera? how is that THE same?
  8. yes active -) i tried research a bit i got into gizmos,
  9. Maybe u lack collision set to true?
  10. welcome to forum... sps is great... you want to treat Every particles different?
  11. droggam

    3d positioning

    ye i understand i guess i need to bruteforce try get the correct position problem with your solution is it get the center of the spaceship but not like on top of it where i want my flag? @Dad72
  12. droggam

    Preview a Scene

    Lol is it called panorama? I want know too IF its possible...
  13. droggam

    3d positioning

    Hi leta say i have a spaceship, how do i define a special point in vector3 y,z,x with help with THE scene in My case i try attach a flag but dont know how to find 3d position easiest possible way?
  14. @JonVarner check this out ! i made it work, with shadows myself my scene lag but loook much better. https://www.babylonjs-playground.com/#0TG0TB
  15. var shadowGenerator = new BABYLON.ShadowGenerator(1024, light); Next, you have to define which shadows will be rendered. Here we want the shadow of our torus, but you can “push” any meshes you want: shadowGenerator.getShadowMap().renderList.push(torus); Introduced with babylon.js v3.1, there are two new helper functions to deal with shadow casters: addShadowCaster(mesh, includeDescendants): Helper function to add a mesh and its descendants to the list of shadow casters removeShadowCaster(mesh, includeDescendants): Helper function to remove a mesh and its descendants from the list of shadow casters And finally, you will have to define where the shadows will be displayed... by setting a mesh parameter to true: ground.receiveShadows = true; @JonVarner check this out! Its as much as i can help you its from THE documentation... You have two helper fn to either add/remove meshes like u asked Descandents is same submesh Cheers.