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  1. ACRgames

    Monetising HTML5 games

    I think those are two separate things. 1/ eligible for rev share if published first on their website: meaning you can publish it the next day on another. 2/ exclusivity for two months: you earn 30% extra Please share their answer
  2. ACRgames

    Game contest

    This might be interesting! CrazyGames organizes a contest for HTML 5 games. A jury of 3 experts will choose the best game, this is great since it doesn't mean the game with the most plays wins! I joined and thought I let you guys know as well More info here:
  3. ACRgames

    Monetising HTML5 games

    Wow! 1K is a lot, my guess would be that you would need about 500K plays for that, depending on the value of the ads they run of course! So those will be quality games, they have a scoring system that takes into account many different stats, playtime, retention rate,... But new games get some kind of boost during the first day so that they rank on the home page (which really helps) the quality games remain on the home page. When I started using it I thought what the heck, if I don't like it I can still delete the game.
  4. ACRgames

    Monetising HTML5 games

    Ok, you have a point. But again, in my experience, this is how it goes in practice. If you want to be sure, drop them an email and I'm sure they will change it in the terms. The exclusive part, it could be better defined but here in the terms, it says it is for two months. So after these two months, you should be allowed to distribute it wherever you want.
  5. ACRgames

    Monetising HTML5 games

    They ask that you don't publish on another platform before you publish the game with them. I'm sure because I work with them. Also you can delete the game whenever you want, so if you are not happy just delete your games. (What's more, when you upload a game during Okt and Nov you automatically participate in a contest (comparable to Kongregate)).
  6. CrazyGames Launched a new developer portal where you can reach 10MM+ people -- all feedback is welcome! It includes statistics about the game, new players, average playtime etc... What other statistics would be useful for you? The platform offers rev share, easily updating and deleting games, and an SDK. What other functionality should it include? Check it out :
  7. ACRgames

    Monetising HTML5 games

    Instant Messenger games are making a decent amount of money. The only problem is that it is really difficult to be found. You need a lot of players to rank high, so getting the initial spark of growth is really hard. You have the common portals like Kongregate, y8 etc but CrazyGames also launched a Developer Portal recently, you get decent revenue share and they have more than 10M unique visitors every month + new games are listed on the homepage during the first week. Here is a link