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  1. @mhcdotcomglad they helped wew, finally done with the menu. get it while it's hot!
  2. I have an OCD problem, can't help but want to optimize further but I guess this can be brushed aside until problems actually arise. Chrome V8 last year shipped it's new optimizing compiler, I recall a talk where chrome devs were saying not to worry much anymore. I still can't help but be curious as to how much memory I'll save so I should probably profile and compare at some point.
  3. Also discussed here: As you said, the animation system is bound to the sprite sheet texture. How I'm thinking to go about it is to not use phaser animations entirely, rather create my own animation system that calls, this.sprite.setFrame(i), wrapped around a setInterval for fps and such. Preferably I'm going to dig into the animation system and see if I can make it more flexible.
  4. jest

    Grid-based Movement?

    There's a plugin : And get familiar with using delta time:
  5. You can download imagemagick and slice everything up if the frame size is the same and then drag them into texture packer. convert -crop frameSizexframeSize image.png output_%d.png
  6. Web development is all the craze because it's easy cross platform. Porting a web game for example, to an Android app wouldn't force you to redo the whole thing. Degrees, college, man... I know that feel, it's asinine. I'm probably not gonna get a degree myself in CS, going to focus on creating a portfolio of videos and projects that I can show. Usually the job requirements are "4 year degree" and "4 years+ experience" but I'm optimistic that it's flexible.
  7. I'm doing a video tutorial series for Phaser 3 since the only alternatives are paid Zenva courses(which aren't bad but not many can afford). I'm aiming to do videos once a week and if you want to help out, I'll be on discord open to discuss the scripts and what to go over.