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  1. hey @gcardozo, As said in the comments, you have to use typescript in order to have this type of auto-completion. I created a PixiJS quick-starter, that uses typescript. You can try it out: Also, If something isn't work as expected, you can post an issue, and i will check it. Hope this helps.
  2. mmmm okay, but @types/pixi.js has nothing to do with what I mentioned... What you have to check is if pixi.js is correctly installed as a dependency. If the files are there, webpack should find them and all has to be okay... One thing I see is that in your package.json, you have pixi.js as a devDependency, but it should go on the dependency object, like this: "devDependencies": { "@types/pixi.js": "4.8.1", "clean-webpack-plugin": "0.1.19", "ts-loader": "5.2.1", "typescript": "3.1.2", "webpack": "4.20.2", "webpack-cli": "3.1.2" }, "dependencies": { "pixi.js": "4.8.2" } Maybe this solves the issue, can you try it? If you continue having problems to bundle pixi.js with webpack, you can try this pixi.js quickstart project: And if you have troubles too, you can post an issue on github, and I will resolve it. Hope this helps.
  3. Hi Rossi, Have you checked that pixi.js have been correctly installed in your dependencies? (node_modules) The index.js file yes it seems correctly encountered: ./node_modules/pixi.js/lib/index.js , but not all folders in it like ./node_modules/pixi.js/lib/accessibility or ./node_modules/pixi.js/lib/core
  4. Hi, I am working now with some projects involving Pixi.js I have made a quickstart project, with the minimum tooling, in order to start developing with Pixi.js from 0. It uses Parcel and all its amazing features like Hot Module Reloading. Highlight features: - Super fast start - Hot Module Reloading - Typescript - Unit testing Here is the GitHub link: Hope can help someone to start a Pixi.js project:)