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  1. ninespace

    BabylonJS Toolkit Problems

    So if I just want to test BabylonJS in a .NET Server, what are the steps? Is .NET Core supported?? Sorry, not really a web guy here :(
  2. ninespace

    BabylonJS Toolkit Problems

    Hi again Mackey, I am back for more questions! I hope thats fine... I got some models from Unity asset store to play with, and they are 23.5MB on disk. However, in the browser preview I see the loading counter goes up to 189MB. Is there something I should do to reduce the size? Also, if I want to host the exported project on a NodeJS server, how should I do it? Thanks again!!!
  3. ninespace

    BabylonJS Toolkit Problems

    Thanks for the detailed explanation and the huge example! I think this.manager.findSceneComponent is what I need. Many thanks :)
  4. ninespace

    BabylonJS Toolkit Problems

    Hi Mackey, Thanks for the awesome toolkit! I use Unity editor a lot and this really helps me to explore BabylonJS! I have some questions tho... I created a ts class Door extends BABYLON.MeshComponent, and I would like to reference it from another script. How can I do it? I have tried this.scene.getMeshByName("Door") from the other script, but it returns an AbstractMesh. How to link this back to the created MeshComponent? I also tried creating a Door BabylonProperty in the EditorComponentScript hoping that this could get me the reference. Thanks for your time!
  5. ninespace

    BabylonJS Editor V2

    Hi, I tried the mac editor and I couldnt save/load a project. I opened the editor and it started a default scene. I tried to delete some objects (the spheres) and use "Project->Export Template" to create a project folder. When I use "Project->Import Project" to import editorproject file from the project folder, it just opens the default scene. I am not sure if im not saving or loading the project correctly. Thanks!!!