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  1. Oh! Okay) Thank you Yes, everything in one folder
  2. Thank you your answer! Could you please explain me a little bit more about "you must have the textures side by side with your gltf"
  3. Hi guys! I need help to understand what is wrong or missing, or what I don't understand Have a scene in 3ds max 2018 with objects. I created physical materials with base color map only. Very simple texture. I need to export my scene into gLTF format. The problem is my exporting window doesn't have a checkbox "copy textures to output" like it shown in tutorial here https://doc.babylonjs.com/resources/3dsmax Instead of this I have two checkboxs "write texture" and "overwrite texture". So when I'm trying to open saved gLTF file I have a mistakes about missing files with textures. Thank you