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  1. I'm logging disconnects in my web game. It seems 75% of the sessions are getting disconnected with the code 1001 (normal) and 25% are getting disconnected with the code 1006 (error). Sometimes on the error reason I see this text: But he majority of 1006 disconnects don't give any reason at all. The players just disconnect with no reason at all. This usually happens at 5-30 minutes mark while the player is actively playing the game. The setup I'm has these: - Node.js - Express.js - Cloudflare - Digital Ocean - Docker - - SSL - Nginx timeout = 3600s - Ping/Pong isAlive = 30s My question is: 1. How can I debug this problem better? 2. What are common cases which might be causing this problem?
  2. This makes sense, thanks for the information guys
  3. Adsense eCPM has been falling for a long time, while numbers like user count and retention are increasing. Why could this be?
  4. Thanks for the feedback. Can you provide a screenshot? Also what is the size of your monitor?
  5. Thanks! Feel free to provide some feedback
  6. Thanks, it is very close to the original version at the moment. Unique features will be added soon.
  7. Hello game devs! I've been working on the game for a while to bring an alternative accessible approach to playing Catan online. We currently have about 15-30 people online at any time. I'm sure you guys will have some great feedback for the game, feel free to post them or send me a message about anything that's broken or that you think the game needs. We try to update the game once a week. Here is the foreseeable roadmap: - Color Optimizations - Game Ending Screen Revamp - Game Trading Screen Revamp - User Profiles & Stats - Ladder & Ranked Games Tech used are: node.js, typescript, ws, pixi.js
  8. It's interesting that the small cards aren't consistent. Why a few one are still big but why the others are small? The pattern I see at the bottom is, first and last is small. That pattern isn't present on the right side tho