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  1. When you kill 5 zombies corpses becomes 15 πŸŽƒ
  2. I can do - write keys and collision. )) But now in a week I look - boring application. Nothing will help...✝️ Write new with armagedonn and monsters ))
  3. Creepy background... Characters, animation are exelent !!! Nice work!
  4. I think when you make games, you need to make a prize to the winner and death to the loser. It is not enough for the rabbit to sink or die from hunger. will be more interesting πŸŽƒ Gentle, beautiful game!
  5. I agree with all users, because I think that the user is always right πŸ˜€ But I tested different camera options: ( 50 FOV ) ( 80 FOV ) ( 90 FOV ) ( 100 FOV ) - current version When I begin make this app, I add mouse controls to view And it working good with small camera deg, but not work on phones and laptops. 3 You can try to go in rooms )). If use controls by buttons and keys, I must make eyes like chameleon 🀣
  6. When make 3d model I not make it right( like red ). I make some interesting corners + big FOB in camera.
  7. Bugs? Please give a screenshot.
  8. Hi everyone ! New small 3d labirynth based on book β€˜The Name of the Rose’ Umberto Eco. >>>>>> Start >>>>> ( working on phones ) Github πŸ˜€ Thanks for comments !!!