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  1. Screenshot: Actually, it looks better in screenshot then on the phone screen. It looks worse on phone. Scene code: Config code:
  2. GroundZeroCro

    Centering text on middle and adding background that fit?

    Here is a code: Do you notice anything that could scale picture into that terrible resolution? Current sword and shield pictures are cca 200*200 px large.
  3. Hi there, I'm making a project and I have a few things that bother me for the last few days. a.) How do I add background to this project. Is there a way to add a background over css? If there already is a solution to do it over phaser 3 library, how to I add mobile phone background to fit on every screen? b.) I want to center a text to an exact middle of a screen. Is there a function to do so or I'll need to add text to screen_width.middle then add padding to a text to center it? c.) Why are my sprite images (Sword and shield) distorted is Chrome? If firefox they look fine, however, if they are sized down too much in Chrome they are distorted. Here is vide preview(forgive me for double screen preview):
  4. GroundZeroCro

    Reading input from a keyevent

    I'm sorry, I have found a solution. this.input.keyboard.on('keydown', function(input) { inputText.setText(input.key); }, this)
  5. GroundZeroCro

    Reading input from a keyevent

    Hi everyone, I'm creating a game in Phaser 3. I'd like to ask you how do I read a single character key from a keyboard event I've pressed. this.input.keyboard.on('keydown', function(input) { inputText.setText(input.keypress); }, this)