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  1. is an online platform showcasing the best games by African developers and developers looking to target the African gaming industry. We have top games all for free. Play some games and do leave a comment or two for the developers.
  2. Good day All, Hope you are well. We are a gaming platform targeting the African market. We are currently on the look out for HTML5 Games and developers looking to target the African market. A bit of background about us and what we do. We started off in the African gaming business 5 years ago. We organized and still organize the only gaming expo and conference in the west African region ( West African Gaming Expo ) Over the years we noticed developers both locally and international based had the the same problems, reaching African gamers. This led us to create is an online platform where players can play games online, download games, read about gaming news, join gaming communities and much more. It has taken us 4 years to put Africgames together. We never stop building as we keep adding to keep the users experience fresh and new. We are currently on the look out for developers looking to target the African gaming industry creating HTML, Flash, Web Games for online consumption. All games collected will be published on Afrigames publishing is a games distribution and publishing platform, with the aim of creating monetization opportunities and marketing opportunities for games developers in the African. Afrcigames distributes games to Web/online ( Via ) in Africa. Africgames currently have over 100 + African developed games available online with users/gamers from Brazil, Canada, United Kingdom, USA, China, Germany, Kenya, Nigeria and South Africa How it works Africgames is opened to all developers. All developers interested in publishing through Africgames must register on line. All developers with a publishing contract with Africgames will be entitles to game reviews and interviews via Guardian Nigeria, more. Africgames will promote your brand via events and all necessary avenues. Publicity and brand growth has partnership deals we believe will help grow the gaming industry 1) Guardian Nigeria - Guardian Nigeria will be starting a gaming magazine with Africgames. This means all games developers working with Africgames will be featured on Nigerians largest tabloid magazine. We hope to have you onboard. Thank you