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  1. For some reason the instance_create_layer() and instance_create_depth() functions do not seem to work at all for me on HTML5. They work fine when testing on OS. It does not seem to matter whether I call the layer by name like this: instance_create_layer(x,y,"Player",Object); or with built in variables like this: instance_create_layer(x,y,layer,Object). But both ways work on OS. I checked the debug console on the browser and the error I get is this: "Error: Trying to create an instance on a non-existant layer." I don't understand why that error is happening, since I am naming layers I know already exist, or I am calling the layer ID directly with the "layer" built-in variable. And since the exact same code works on other platforms... There is also a Source Mapping error warning, that could be related, but I don't know: Source map error: request failed with status 404 I really need this functionality for my game, so if anyone has any insight into why these functions are not working on HTML5, and what I can do to fix it, I would really appreciate it. (I am using GameMaker Studio 2.2, in case that matters.)