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  1. tihoho

    Recommendations on breaking up Scenes

    Old school respect! I'm sometimes use https://github.com/digital-synapse/ds.oop/wiki lightweight, fast and simple oop-cover lib.
  2. tihoho

    Sprite disoration, fake 3d

    link crashed. somebody saved it?
  3. tihoho

    Driving car like a GTA-2

    Samid, thanks for the example, but it doesn't look like the physics of the machine. not too realistic turns. so I found it: it’s more like the truth, only for the phaser 2, and it seems to me that on 3 it is easier to write. https://simple-car-game.herokuapp.com/ https://codeburst.io/how-to-make-a-simple-multiplayer-online-car-game-with-javascript-89d47908f995
  4. tihoho

    Driving car like a GTA-2

    Whether there are fresh examples for Phaser 3. It is interesting to see the implementation of physics and realistic control of the machine in the style of GTA-2. I saw a couple of examples for Phaser 2, and they are something too complicated. How rotation car by ellipsis? How accelerate? How to ride back with a realistic turn?
  5. tihoho

    How use alignTo for tilemap?

    Elleniaw, Thanks for the examples. I realized that I initially chose the alignment policy incorrectly. Now I align the elements relative to the center of the camera, it turned out to be easier As I understood that the most difficult thing in game development is correct alignment and scaling of elements so that they look normal on all devices.
  6. tihoho

    How use alignTo for tilemap?

    Hey guys! I want align tilemap to bottom screen. But it not work: // in create method ... map = this.make.tilemap({ key: "map" }); map.alignTo(this.cameras.main, Phaser.BOTTOM_CENTER, 0, 0); ... console said: Uncaught TypeError: map.alignTo is not a function How I can do it?
  7. tihoho

    Hello, I'm a new member

    I want to get to know the community. My name is Alexander, and I am 30 years old. I am a web developer. Initially, I started programming for the sake of games, but I did not notice how I was carried away in the usual development of websites and other web projects. Now I realized that I was losing something. I want to play games again. When I was just starting my way - I started it with ActionScript 2. Much time has passed since (2004). And now I would like to resume my path of game development with Phaser 3. I hope for your support and patience of my stupid questions. And sorry for my bad english, i will use google translator.