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  1. I have the same issue. I'm using texture packer to make the atlas, the json file makes a reference to the image as a .pvr, but I don't really know if this is enough. I am sure I'm using WebGL, and as the docs say, truecolor will be used if the navigator doesn't support WebGL or if it doesn't have a GPU. So, I tested it, and if I remove the png file nothing works, so I assume I am still using the .png file. So, the same question as above, how do I use the pvr data while is a canvas?
  2. Of course! The effect is a little ugly right now but only needs a little fixing. I used this reference:\renderer\Custom Pipeline.js And here is the file I used. It's in Typescript, but I think the idea is in there Still, I haven't found an answer to my questions, but I'll write something here if I found something about it Blur.ts
  3. In phaser 2, I applied to an image two filters to make a blurred image (Blur X and Blur Y, with the two of them a complete Blur). I wanted to use the same filter system to apply this two shaders, but I don't find the filter class anywhere. But I found the Pipeline system, so I combined both blurs and made this complete blur shader. Everything fine now. My questions are... There is some way to apply two pipelines in one image/sprite? and, There is an alternative for filters in phaser 3?
  4. Thanks a lot, it worked nice!
  5. I just had this idea that since I can send data through scenes, maybe I could send this config data through them. but I don't know how to send them from my game instance through my first scene. Exists this sceneConfig property, but I don't know if I can use it for this.
  6. Hello Guys! First of all, this is my first topic! I've read some of your questions and answers, and most of them have helped me a lot with Phaser 2 to 3 update. Thanks a lot for all the hard work. But, I have some questions. Right now I'm updating one of my games from Phaser 2 to Phaser 3, and wow its a lot of classes updates. and logic changes. But I need a suggestion in one of them. In Phaser 2, I extended the Phaser.Game class to save some data on it (most of it its configuration data), and I could access it from ANYWHERE in my classes and states. Now in Phaser 3, with the scene logic introduction and game (world) not even accessible (well, I could with Scene Injection Map, but you don't recommend it), I can't reach this data. To make this data 'globally" accessible again, I thought maybe creating an immortal scene should be enough, or maybe an object out of phaser 3 logic. Is this a correct approach? Am I missing something that could make this easier?