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    Multiple Pipelines in one image, or a filter alternative

    Of course! The effect is a little ugly right now but only needs a little fixing. I used this reference:\renderer\Custom Pipeline.js And here is the file I used. It's in Typescript, but I think the idea is in there Still, I haven't found an answer to my questions, but I'll write something here if I found something about it Blur.ts
  2. In phaser 2, I applied to an image two filters to make a blurred image (Blur X and Blur Y, with the two of them a complete Blur). I wanted to use the same filter system to apply this two shaders, but I don't find the filter class anywhere. But I found the Pipeline system, so I combined both blurs and made this complete blur shader. Everything fine now. My questions are... There is some way to apply two pipelines in one image/sprite? and, There is an alternative for filters in phaser 3?
  3. OneSillyLion

    A 'global' container, Ideas?

    Thanks a lot, it worked nice!
  4. OneSillyLion

    A 'global' container, Ideas?

    I just had this idea that since I can send data through scenes, maybe I could send this config data through them. but I don't know how to send them from my game instance through my first scene. Exists this sceneConfig property, but I don't know if I can use it for this.
  5. OneSillyLion

    A 'global' container, Ideas?

    Hello Guys! First of all, this is my first topic! I've read some of your questions and answers, and most of them have helped me a lot with Phaser 2 to 3 update. Thanks a lot for all the hard work. But, I have some questions. Right now I'm updating one of my games from Phaser 2 to Phaser 3, and wow its a lot of classes updates. and logic changes. But I need a suggestion in one of them. In Phaser 2, I extended the Phaser.Game class to save some data on it (most of it its configuration data), and I could access it from ANYWHERE in my classes and states. Now in Phaser 3, with the scene logic introduction and game (world) not even accessible (well, I could with Scene Injection Map, but you don't recommend it), I can't reach this data. To make this data 'globally" accessible again, I thought maybe creating an immortal scene should be enough, or maybe an object out of phaser 3 logic. Is this a correct approach? Am I missing something that could make this easier?