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  1. socceronly

    [Phaser3][Casual Game]: Throw Apple

    Nice. One little thing, the loopy L makes it sort of read You Close
  2. Sucker for all things with glowing crystals in them.
  3. socceronly

    Synth Hero

    Wow, am I bad at that... Neat game.
  4. socceronly

    Phaser III Game Design Workbook

    Looking forward to this!
  5. socceronly

    This forum is not HTTPS?

    This is run on IPS, if it is using their Cloud hosting, the SSL is included. Just put in a support ticket and they will do it for you.
  6. Just learning, made my first Javascript Quizz today.... woo hoo. I wanted to get something I can install, test and run live. It seems like you can get a VPS or Cloud Droplets for pretty cheap. Just wondering what the difference is here. On the VPS it has Plesk, so you could make a bunch of different sites/playgrounds. Is the Cloud Droplet only for one site? Going to be learning Node/Express. I was looking at the VPS from 1and1 and the Cloud Droplet from DigitalOcean. Any ideas? Thanks Jamie