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  1. Hi, I have 3 containers containing only square sprites as children of stage. Starting from the 3rd, every new container I add is offset by 8,8 visually but all of their properties say they aren't. To achieve the expected result I have to set the position of the 3rd Container to -8,-8 or else the black shape is offset. When I check getGlobalPosition of the container or the sprites in it they tell me they're not offset when they clearly are. (game.layers is just a POJO that contains references to the containers)
  2. LordBarbadass

    Some containers are offset when they shouldn't

    Yeah that's the problem, I've been trying (and failing) to replicate it to show. I don't feel like trying to gradually strip my whole project to find what causes it exactly. My code is available on Github : https://github.com/terrygonguet/naga If you want to look into it I'll gladly give any info you want but I understand if you don't have time. It's easy enought to workaround, just set the containers to -8,-8. If it becomes too much of a problem I'll try harder to identify it. Thanks anyway
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    Some containers are offset when they shouldn't

    Yeah I know I mostly used EaselJS in the past and that behaviour seems mostly the same. This happens even when I don't cache the container. The 3rd container is just offset by 8,8 and I really can't see why. I don't do anything to it that I don't do to the the first 2 containers. All the Graphics are placed with their position property and drawRect(0,0,16,16).
  4. Hi, I'm new to Pixi and couldn't find anyone with the same problem so here I am. I have a container full of black squares (drawn with Graphics) to hide parts of the map, like a fog of war. Some have their alpha set to 0 to reveal what's underneath (I know there are a million better ways to do that but MVP first, optimizations later). The problem is when I set cacheAsBitmap = true on the container, a weird diagonal line appears. This container can be very big and doesn't change much so it makes sense to cache it. Is there something I'm missing or is this a bug? I am literally doing nothing else to it, it'a at 0,0 of the parent container (the stage) and just contains Graphics objects. I'll try to reproduce the issue in a Codepen, thanks to anyone who can help.
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    Container cacheAsBitmap makes a weird diagonal line

    That worked indeed, thank you very much.