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  1. Azern

    Problem with Pixijs on Cordova

    So, I got one of my problem that NOX doesn't run any javascript. I tried it with my other app from playstore. And it leave me something in my code. The problem emerge here. the gameSettings.renderer should have the value of "autorenderer". But it doesn't run, I don't know why. When I manually change it to ... it run just fine, like what I should to
  2. Azern

    Problem with Pixijs on Cordova

    Straight away to my problem. I don't know why I can't see the background I use in my app here. As you can see here, I can see my background if I just run it like a normal web. But when I try it to run on emulator, the background doesn't show. I've also tried the cordove run browser, the result were the same with running using emulator. Any idea what's wrong with it?