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  1. sistemlogikadigital

    Fix position after scale

    @obiot is there an update about this?
  2. sistemlogikadigital

    How to set animation on GUI_Object using texture atlas?

    here is my code, i only know this, dont know how to add animation this._super(me.GUI_Object, "init", [ posX,posY, { image : game.texture, framewidth : imgWidth, frameheight : imgHeight, region : imgNames[0], }]);
  3. sistemlogikadigital

    Fix position after scale

    i thinks this is still not fixed var scale = { mul : 1, } this.TweenScale = new me.Tween(scale).to({mul:1.01}, 500). onUpdate(()=>{ this.scale(scale.mul, scale.mul); }); this.TweenScale.easing(me.Tween.Easing.Quadratic.Out); this.TweenScale.start(); here is the result, see the big purple circle, when scaling its position changed
  4. currently im using method setRegion to change frame on GUI_Object, but i want change it like Entity using setCurrentAnimation. this.renderable = game.texture.createAnimationFromName(imgNames); this.renderable.addAnimation ("on", [0]); this.renderable.addAnimation ("off", [1]); this.renderable.setCurrentAnimation("on"); When i run this code on GUI_Object i got an error. So how to achieve this on GUI_Object ?? thanks
  5. sistemlogikadigital

    [Noob Question] Rotate toward mouse cursor

    yes i managed to fix it, i'm using math.atan2 to calculate angle, btw thanks for playing my game
  6. sistemlogikadigital

    Change image quality

    thanks, now the image quality improved
  7. sistemlogikadigital

    Change image quality

    I tried to change image quality in image-rendering css, but whenever i change the value it seems always pixelated. Because my image is not pixel art, i want the value of image-rendering to optimizeQuality or auto. So can melonjs achieve that? here is my css : image-rendering: optimizeQuality; image-rendering: -moz-crisp-edges; image-rendering: -o-crisp-edges; image-rendering: -webkit-optimize-contrast; image-rendering: opti mize-contrast; -ms-interpolation-mode: bicubic;
  8. sistemlogikadigital

    [Melonjs] Wall to Wall (Simple avoider game)

    Hello everyone, this is my first Melonjs game. You can Play it here: This is game is simple avoider game, you just need to click anywhere to move and avoid anything red. Note : can only be played on browser desktop screenshot: Thanks for playing! Enjoy!
  9. sistemlogikadigital

    How to change animation when game paused

    Oh great!!, thanks it works
  10. sistemlogikadigital

    How to change animation when game paused

    I tried to change animation from GUI_Object when game paused, but the result : 1. object's animation not changed. 2. object's animation changed after the game resumed. so, How to change animation when game paused?
  11. sistemlogikadigital

    [Noob Question] Rotate toward mouse cursor

    Im using 6.1.0, I tried your code but still not rotate correctly
  12. sistemlogikadigital

    [Noob Question] Rotate toward mouse cursor

    How to rotate an object toward mouse cursor? so far i tried this code, but the object not rotate correctly update:function{ var mousePos = me.input.globalToLocal(me.input.pointer.clientX,me.input.pointer.clientY); var angle = this.angleToPoint(new me.Vector2d(mousePos.x, mousePos.y)); this.renderable.currentTransform.rotate(angle - this.PrevAngle); this.PrevAngle = angle; } Thanks