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  1. hi, how to change start and end frame for animated mesh runtime?
  2. and I have a question too, I selected a character from mixamo with several animations. I know how to import a character and set an animation for it and export as babylonjs, but i don't know how to import multi animation in blender and export as babylon until i load the mesh with several skeleton. my question is, how to import a character and several animation to blender and export as babylon as multi skeleton result? thank you
  3. hi, does any body know a website like mixamo.com. I need more characters. thank you
  4. Miad

    Stop skeleton animation

    hi guys, I have a big problem, I don't know 3dsmax or other softwares, but i need some ready models like dude with babylon export, do you know some where I can find them? oh yeas, I need free! thank you