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  1. Saint_S

    Vue + Pixi v4 events do not work

    Sorry for long response. I'm using Chrome 71, so looks like problem is not with my browser. Can the problem be with propogation? May be event just can't reach my sprite? Btw, you can see how app were created with Vue. Can problem be with this? UPD: oh, nevermind. You was right. Some div just blocked my event. So, problem solved. Thank you!
  2. Saint_S

    Vue + Pixi v4 events do not work

    Hello everyone! :) I'm new to Pixi. And I am trying to develop a simple blog with Vue and Pixi. On screenshots you can see how I'm trying to set event listeners on sprites. Despite the fact that in console we can see that listeners are actually set, when sprites "clicked" event doesn't fire. Please, can someone point me to an mistake?