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  1. If you have your own website - we provide unique games to host on it for free. Our games are on the link. https://dl-girls.com/index.php?controller=index&action=own Direct link to the game is under the game. We also consider offers of mutual exchange of games with other sites. Themes are games for girls, puzzles are also allowed.
  2. You can place our games on your site for free. It all mobile-friendly. https://dl-girls.com/index.php?controller=index&action=own
  3. Hello! Welcome to the development studio HTML5-games DL-Studio. We want to offer you our services for creating exclusive HTML5 games for your site. Our studio specializes in games for girls. We are ready to work both according to your task, and independently to make a technical task based on your wishes. And also completely create a game using your ideas. Experience more than 8 years. We make inexpensive and high-quality games in a short time. The average time to develop a new game is one and a half weeks. We work on small and inexpensive projects. We work without intermediaries! We also provide a service to build games on HTML5 with your graphics. Our portfolio We are also considering various partnership options. Looking forward to hearing your suggestions!
  4. I agree with the author of the first post. Also encountered problems on this site. Recently, the payment threshold was also raised from 50 to 100 euros.
  5. Hello! We are the studio flash animation and game development DL-Studio. We want to offer you their services for the creation of exclusive Flash and HTML5 games for your website. Specialization of our studio - games for girls. We are ready to work on your assignment. We are ready to create a game without setting on your assignment, but on the basis of your wishes. A fully create a game using their ideas. Experience more than 7 years. Making low-cost and high-quality games for a short time. The average time to develop a new game - a half weeks.. Working on small, inexpensive projects. WE WORK WITHOUT INTERMEDIARIES! Examples of our recent games: http://dl-girls.com/index.php?controller=index&action=own http://dl-girls.com/index.php?controller=article&action=index&id=898 http://dl-girls.com/index.php?controller=article&action=index&id=934 http://dl-girls.com/index.php?controller=article&action=index&id=922 We will be happy to hear your suggestions! e-mail: Haruka25@mail.ru