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  1. Thank you! getLocalBounds was the function I was looking for. @ivan.popelyshev I don't quite understand your warning, but for the purpose of a simple sprite engine with no transformations whatsoever besides a simple horizontal scale = -1, it has been working well for me! Thank you xerver for the answer too! Cheers
  2. I know the devs of pixi.js browse this this forum, so just want to say thank you so much for pixi.js! It is an absolutely wonderful framework. I have a simple question and haven't been able to find the answer online. Containers have a width/height which is the total width and height of the sprites in the container, I think. Is there a minX/minY value for the sprites in the container, relative to the position of the container? For example, a container is set to position (20,20). Two sprites inside the container are set to (-10,-10,30,30) as (relX, relY, width, height), and (0,0,40,40). I believe that container.width will be 50, container.height will be 50. Is there a way to find the minX/minY relative to the container (-10,-10)? In other words, I would like to find the bounding rect of the sprites in a container relative to the container itself.