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  1. Hi! Check this out! Adorable online game with super cute I am mother of two daughters and me together with my girls we are fans of this game. We like how it looks and we like how it works. We needed some help to register for it but now we enjoy it so much!
  2. Cool game. Congratulations on the triumph. Go on as well.
  3. - super, I am delighted, on the subject can not say anything. Even ashamed somehow.
  4. I would say that my list of the best developers didn't change: These are more professional and desirable companies and I trust them more.
  5. Aondatra

    Anyone want to work together?

    The portfolio is great, but my interests are not from this area, unfortunately.
  6. Aondatra

    How do you promote your android games?

    There are ideas - promotion on different social and media platforms, YouTube, social networks, developer sites. Now a lot of opportunities.
  7. Aondatra

    Help to sell my first game

    Sorry, what exactly do you need help with, what were the prerequisites, where did you download it? Describe the situation in more detail!
  8. Aondatra

    When to move on

    If you know how everything works "under the hood", that is, JS, then the use of flameproof will help you and you will be able to figure it out. But take it for yourself only if you are ready for hard straining.