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  1. Last week I finished a paint brush tool (like in the good old MS paint ) and in order to get it running quite fast I am using a renderTexture print basically a path of circles such that it looks like a line. As soon as the user releases the pan-move, the tool emits the path (array of coordinates) which in turn gets rendered via the drawPolygon method of a pixi graphics (it looks much nicer and I is more performant than using circles again in a graphic). I totally avoid using beginFill()... basically only using the lineStyle before drawing the polygon. However, it seems that this is more or less only a border-decoration and cannot handle pointer-events (to let the user select these polylines and maybe remove them). Are there any solutions to this problem? A quickfix would be a trail of lineTo movements but since there is no lineCap, this looks pretty ugly Thanks in advance
  2. Moppel

    Extract WebGL pixels with offset position

    I followed your advice in line 3 and added this as child to the stage, which in turn i use as container to extract the image from, works thanks!
  3. When using extract pixels it seems that only content is extracted that starts from the origin and ignores the negative part of the axis. This is currently an issue for me as my indoor map is (approximately) centered at (0,0); So it will always reside partially in the negative coordinate areas. The container holding the map (a sprite with scale.y =-1 and some position offset) and some other shapes (graphics) live in the pixi.viewport container (awesome plugin btw ) and my first guess was that temporarily shifting the position of the viewport might help but I think this transform is somehow only relative to the stage. When passing the stage to extract, the result is just all black Thank you very much