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  1. Hi guys! @Exca Thank you for the solution, it works perfekt!! Alelujah! @ivan.popelyshev Thank you for the small correction 😉 @botmaster Thank you very much for the explication of the solution. I am a complete newby and thought that the caching happens per default, that if I don't clear the graphic it would stays in cache and the only thing that would then happen is the small drawing on the picture which ist already drawn. No I understand it the the graphic not a bitmap is, but an object with all instances "living" there. It will help me further a lot, thank you! The only problem that I now have is: the aliasing doens't work anymore: https://codepen.io/daviddarx/pen/MLEbvE I searched in the documentation of RenderTexture and Sprite, no antialiasing options there. I tried to replace app.renderer.render(graphics, texture, false) with app.renderer.render(graphics, texture, true), but it doens't work neither. Do you have any idea where the problem could come from? Thank you a lot! David
  2. Oh thank you very much @Exca, I'll try that soon!
  3. Hi @ivan.popelyshev, Thank you for your quick answer! Hum, I unfortunately don't understand a lot of what you're telling :'( . Actually, the only part I understand is: "In that case you can create multiple Graphics instead, and filll only latest one, while other stay static.". Should I try with 2 graphics? One for drawing the new triangle with graphics.clears(), and one in background with the result copied there at the beginning of each frame? Did I understand good? And one last question: if y do the same with native js/canvas, without pixijs, should it perform better? Thank you a lot for your help! David
  4. Hi everybody, I am starting with Pixisjs and getting a small performance issue with something that should be really simple to process: when I draw a triangle (moveTo, lineTo) on each mousemove event with one of the points which is the mouse position, it performs well at the beginning, but the more i follow on with mouse move, the worse get the performance. After a minute, the FPS ist really low. I made a pen to illustrate it: https://codepen.io/daviddarx/pen/MLEbvE If I clear the graphic at the beginning of each mouse move event (//graphics.clear();), the performance stays good all the time. But unfortunately, it given't the effect that I will reach anymore :( . Am I missing something? Should I try another approach to draw elements on the stage on high frequency without erasing the stage first? Thank you a lot for your support! David