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  1. Thanks. I guess it comes down to what the requirements are of our partner. I'll get in touch with them. I'm also going to reach out to DO and AWS and ask them both to pitch me on why I should work with them instead. If DO can do CDN and give us more personalized support, they feel like the right choice at the moment.
  2. To be honest, we're using a confidential distribution partner that doesn't do the hosting. They need us to provide the hosting, including CDN. In doing some research since my OP, I actually did setup GitHub Pages to use as a testing environment, but I doubt that's good enough for production deployment across the country. I'm trying to figure out what kind of features are critical to hosting an HTML5 game. That doesn't seem to be easily found online. I know that a CDN is important because our game will likely be distributed all across the US and accessed from a large variety of locations. I just found out about AWS's easy setup for a static website - it connects EC2 with S3 and Route 53, but that sufficient (static website) for what is needed for an HTML5 game? There's little to no server side computing AFAIK happening as it's not a web-app. Then there's also Lightsail, which doesn't seem to come with Cloudfront/CDN, but is probably the closest to DigitalOcean's ease of use / setup in a product and would be easy enough to connect to Cloudfront, I think? What else am I not thinking of that is required for HTML5 game hosting?
  3. Just jumping into HTML5 from Unity mobile development. Looking for a rundown on hosting solutions that provide us with solid coverage over the United States. So far I've seen a lot of recommendations for AWS/Cloudflare and DigitalOcean. It seems that DO is the younger, cheaper, scrappier player with easier setup (this is useful, my team is new to web dev), but AWS has the features and flexibility. What should we be thinking about here? What do most serious HTML5 developers use? How important is a CDN? What gets us closest to plug and play setup?