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  1. Hi Guys, Wanted to show you what's been making me somehow busy in the last couple days , so i've been working on a browser based card game (not trading cards) but something similar to hearthstone , a multiplayer battle card game where you get to use your favorite movies , tv shows , Anime and video games characters as cards. - you build your own deck - you can play against random players or your friends i wanted to skip all the other details that are related to the game like the cards values and effects and rarity and some other rules , you can learn everything in the website if you want. I've made this simple game using HTML 5 / CSS / Jquery / PHP + MYSQL LInk : Test Account : Username : Test Password : 11111111 Tell me what do you think , what did you like and what you didn't And since it's still new you may not find any matches now , so if you want to play i'll be glad to play with you just hit me up in a reply or in the discord (if that's allowed here) Thanks :)