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  1. It works! Online demo here: https://codepen.io/WenWu92/pen/aXPLjE (pixiplayground cannot save with a 500 error)
  2. Solved perfectly! Thanks man! And, I want to do the same thing with KawaseBlurFilter, then I modified it according your example but it doesn't work as my expected. Could you please take a look for me? My code here: https://www.pixiplayground.com/#/edit/QJmhXecEMr3eysCC63keg
  3. I think change the PixelateFilter should work, just like the displacement map that only affects the area same as displacementSprite. But I don't have any relevant knowledge about GLSL, so could please help me out?
  4. It's a huge sprite that contains many sub sprites, so it's not easy to make a copy of it.
  5. I have a huge sprite that contains many sub sprites, I want to add mosaic to a specific area of this sprite. I have tried the PixelateFilter but it takes effect on the whole sprite. The attachment is what I want (see top-right corner)