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  1. Well lets be honest... game development has always been a competitve market. We are passed the days where flash games were insanely popular. HTML5 Game development is a niche market that is not dead by any means. Has it declined in the last decades? Probably, but that does not mean it is dead. Games just keep getting more and more complex, and genre saturation has made players feel "oh this game is like x". In otherwords, players have already played basically all genres of games. Developers need to create games with a certain twist or catalyst in order to market their product. I'll admit it was "easier" a decade ago, but the market is always open to new developers with new ideas. Take .io games for example. A relatively new genre of online games that encompasses HTML5 with a solid backend for the Multiplayer aspect. Games like Agar.io, Moomoo.io, Diep.io are whats grabbing the attention. Maybe HTML5 game developers need to pivot more.