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  1. Hi, been struggling with this problem - all the tut's I see online and all the helper libs I see are all for pixi v 4, so how would I go about ordering my sprites so that walls cover tiles, the characters cover walls to their left and not to their right, etc....basically the whole occlusion thing. I've seen this: container.children.sort(function(a,b) { a.y = a.y || 0 ; b.y = b.y || 0; return a.y - b.y; }); And other varients. But that only kind of works. It works in some cases. But fails in other cases. Attached example png. What kills me is that another dev built this same thing in a version 3ish and it does work out of the box, but now having upgraded to 5 I get all these clipping issues. I tried to manually force to the top some of these which led me down a z-order hell of having to basically z-order every item in my scene. Am I missing something here? I know your a very active dev, I appreciate it.