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  1. Hello, Thanks for your reply. I wonder though how you then determine the price if there's nothing to measure it by? Or do you test your games with your audience (players) before selling them for 'addictiveness'? Or perhaps you use your 'gut' and experience? I have created games but have not sold any yet. Reason I'm asking this is because I don't want to overcharge but definitely not sell them for anything less than they are worth - obviously. But maybe it's best to start lower with my asking price since I'm a newcomer with any publisher. I don't mean to get revenue share for my games, I just want to sell per license. Did you mean that it's trending? I bought TrueValhalla's eBook; he states how he asks minimum $400 and on average $600. I'm not sure if this applies to his newer games as well, as these are really high quality. Regards
  2. Hello there! I couldn't find a clear answer to this question. I've seen people asking $400-$600 for a non-exclusive license up to $2000 for exclusive. The games can have very simplistic gameplay, with minimal art, and yet they still ask these prices per title. Of course there's replayability in these games, but its core gameplay is very simplistic. I created games myself, and am wondering what to ask for them. I put in around 80-120 hours per game. Of course, you can't determine its value by how many hours you put in. But I do feel my own games are high quality. But I wonder, what are the factors for determing the value of your game? Or perhaps more simply put - what do you guys charge for a (non-)exclusive title? Thanks!