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  1. When will you add that to pixi, because I could take advantage of these features
  2. Is there a way of changing the drawn tile size with tilemap.addFrame(png,x*size,y*size)? For example, instead of drawing 32px*32px tiles, the t.addFrame should draw 16px*16px tiles of the original 32px*32px tiles.
  3. Hi Ivan, Thank you for your reply. I was able to solve my issue almost. The bug was that drawn pixtures were not cleared. Alan could add that at drawTiles() before drawing: tilemap.clear(); Still the renderer seems to jump every draw time. Somehow the PIXI playground seems not to save my code. That's why I opened a githubg page: I can't use a tileset.png as I don't know how to use that correctly. A Json file seems to be easier. After that I will add a scale and a movement function to the tilemap renderer. Ill probably publish this renderer for others later that newbies won't have to waste too much time.
  4. I am creating a game, where a lot of tiles need to be rendered. My goal is to render with this method at least 500k tiles. Since the tiles won't be redrawn every time but moved, this method should work out. I am using the pixi-tilemap library to create a fast & simple renderer to render a dynamic tilemap. The renderer approves itself to work, but .position.set seems to pull the tilemap from the interface away. I know, the function .position.set does not contain the same parameters as the one of the demo, however this function also does not work with the parameters of the demo. Some parameters must be added. The tutorial I have been using this classic demo: