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  1. Hello Everyone! I am the developer of the some games he has included in this bundle. I have received an email from my client (Kapil Soni). I assure you guys that he has paid for a special license where he can use these games to resell further in the market as it is. Thank you and have a nice day!
  2. I have sent you an email please check! Thanks!
  3. I have sent you an email please check! Thanks!
  4. Hi ! I am currently running discount on my 7 HTML5 Games Bundle . You can purchase it for $25 or even less (Direct Paypal) from this link : https://codecanyon.net/item/7-html5-games-bundle-construct-2-capx/19187160 If you have any questions regarding any game or want to give feedback about any game you can reply to this thread. Thanks!
  5. Hello Everyone! Here is my game 'Neon Hockey' which has a local two player mode integrated in it. You can either play with AI or another player. So before moving any further i want to say that if you want to support me in my journey, you can donate me via PayPal. Here is my friend's brother's paypal id : rahul.naik.always1988@gmail.com as i currently don't have a bank account. I am currently in my high school and i pay my fees myself with the money i make from game development. Unfortunately , my games are not selling at a good pace right now. And i have to pay my fees by the end of this month(June) so i need help from you guys. I would appreciate if you donate. Even a small amount of $1 can be a great help. Thanks! So moving on , Here is some information about the game : Game Description : Neon Hockey is a sport game.Defend your goal area and try to shoot the hockey ball to your opponent’s goal.This game is multiplayer.This game is compatible with Admob. This game is created using Construct 2. This game can be played either on PC/Laptop or Smartphone/Tablet. Game Features : Made with Construct 2 Full HD 1080×1920 pixels and 1920×1080 pixels Touch,mouse and keyboard supported Sound effect Highscore Playable on PC/Laptop and Smartphone/Tablet Game Demo & Buy Links : Game Demo : https://gamedistribution.com/games/neon-hockey-2 Buy Game : https://codecanyon.net/item/neon-hockey-local-multiplayer-admob-construct-2-capx/19451914 Thanks for reading! If you have any questions or you find any bug or want me to change anything in the game. You can leave your feedback in the replies or you can mail me here : hamza.wasim3@gmail.com If you have donated or purchased my game, Thanks and i really appreciate it. Have a nice day! Regards, Hamza Wasim
  6. Hi! Check out my portfolio : https://codecanyon.net/user/hamzawasim3/portfolio All the games are available for cheap prices. Thanks!
  7. Hi! I will definitely take your feedback into consideration for my next update. Thanks!
  8. Hi! I have created a game called Box Tower. I worked a lot to make it run smooth. Here is the link to the game: https://gamedistribution.com/games/box-tower-1 Game Description : Box Tower is an addictive game. Drop the box that is moving on the other box. Touch, Mouse, And Keyboard all are supported.This game is compatible with Admob. This game is created using Construct 2. Game Instructions : While playing on pc or laptop use “Space” key to drop the box or press left click to drop the box. While playing on a smartphone or tablet, tap anywhere on the screen to drop the box. Game Features : Made with Construct 2 Full HD 1080×1920 pixels Touch, mouse, and keyboard support Sound effect Highscore I would like to have your feedback about the game. Thanks!
  9. Hello! I have 3 years of experience in game development. I have created around 10 games so far and got positive feedback about them. Here is my portfolio: https://codecanyon.net/user/hamzawasim3/portfolio Here is my email if you want to contact me: hamza.wasim3@gmail.com Thanks!
  10. Hi! I am interested! I have 3 years of experience in web game development. You can check my portfolio here: https://codecanyon.net/user/hamzawasim3/portfolio Thanks!
  11. Hello Everyone!! I have created 10 HTML5 Games using Construct 2. Would like to have feedback about them. You can check them out here: https://th.techdynamics.org You can also buy them at a cheap price if you want to use them in your work from here: https://codecanyon.net/item/10-html5-games-bundle-construct-2-capx/21077727?_ga=2.152765817.1385359912.1560783561-1064054330.1560783561 Thanks!!