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  1. Supported, good luck BTW. I'm also making a Zelda-like with kinda open world in mind, your game is very inspiring.
  2. Wow that's a pretty great game, well polished.
  3. Welcome back to HTML5 gamedev family
  4. Sprite is faster if you have lots of rectangles to draw.
  5. I think you've misunderstand the "containsPoint" method, which is actually a callback for you to manually check whether the input (either mouse or touch) is inside a Container/Sprite. Try contains method of PIXI shape objects if you want to test whether a point is inside.
  6. Try to set the antialias to false and roundPixels to true. And the pixi-tilemap works without any issue on Canvas mode but will have gaps in between while using WebGL and run on some specific browsers (like safari).
  7. Difficult but fun, I cannot even pass the second gravity level.
  8. I'd suggest try make your own, reasons below: AABB collision is pretty simple with just a few lines. Regarding the physics simulation you just need to create a class with only the properties your entities need, which is just another few lines of code. For box-vs-box collision detection: // a vs b aIsOverlapB = !( a.bottom <= b.top || a.top >= b.bottom || a.left >= b.right || a.right <= b.left ); For circle-vs-circle collision detection: // AABB overlap first aIsOverlapWithB = false; if (!( a.bottom <= b.top || a.top >= b.bottom || a.left >= b.right || a.right <= b.left) ) { // Now let's check the distance between center of the circles with radius sum // Squared distance is enough, so you can skip the expensive `sqrt` calculation aIsOverlapWithB = Vec2.squaredDistance(a.position, b.position) < (a.radius + b.radius) * (a.radius + b.radius); } For complete AABB based physics implementation, you can take a look at the physics module of LesserPanda, and use it as a reference for your own physics engine.
  9. For any issues about lesser-panda, post them to issue tracker of the repo. I am the maintainer behind it, you can also through pms on me, all is ok Welcome to the lesser-panda world, have a nice adventure.
  10. Great presentation. Feel the same shock as I saw this game a few months ago. Nice work +1. BTW. glad to see people still using impact.js
  11. What you guess is true, addObject is designed for objects that need to be updated each frame (that has an update method), while addChild adds a display object into the scene tree.
  12. Aseprite of course, it's awesome pixel art tool meets all your needs.
  13. Create your own script using "imagemagick". It's powerful for any kind of image conversion.
  14. Oh, M. Trump everywhere, whatever. 'Let's Make Web Games Great Again! (with HTML5)' sounds interesting, I'll insert a coin and join the adventure
  15. Try putting all the characters you need to use into a bitmapfont generator and it will just work. Sometimes size of a font for these languages is pretty large which will eventually cause headache, it saves your life by using bitmap text.