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  1. As far as I know, IT students are not supposed to write many essays or any other writing works what is definitely an advantage. Because I spend a lot of money to buy writing papers on and when you are free from it, you save much more money for entertainment and pleasure.
  2. Website can become popular only if it provides entertainment, just look at youtube for example which became a whole niche of the internet itself. Or the website should provide some useful information, worldpostalcode zip code finder website would be a good example.
  3. I don't use games as an educational tool because I usually relax playing games and it is important to give our body a rest. When I relax, I order all the essays on australian assignment writing service and feel great. It really helps me to save a ton of time and I am glad that such services exist and that they are affordable.
  4. At least, it looks interesting and it perfect suit our time of bitcoin rush. Meny people are searching for the best cryptocurrency trading platform and this definitely attracts them as well as earning money
  5. If we talk about online games - it is inconsistent with education. Now I can't play Dota 2 because the study swallows all my time and I hope that will help me ti find more time for my hobby