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  1. Hello Matt I am Phaser 3 user and I want to compare another html5 game engine. and I have a projects need to create a Fruits ninja-like game and HTML5 3D game..... I find the template that create by CreateJs from Envato i am interested in createjs
  2. Why forum no CreateJs FrameWork on FRAMEWORKS discuss? I want to learn CreateJs to Create game? Is CreateJs a good html5 game engine??? Thanks
  3. Dose Panda use Pixi like Phaser 2?? if Yes, What version of Pixi using for rendering?
  4. I want to be a panda user but I found this note Renderer based on PixiJS by Mat Groves, Goodboy Digital on github What version of Pixi does panda render?? Is it PIXI V2 ??? Phaser is given up Pixi Look that: