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    Ferry Corsten - Blueprint

    Big Shouts to Rich in his Newsletter for his odd music insertion. That will be purchased. Ferry is just so good. Anahera last year made me cry.
  2. clark

    Can I Build My Game Using KIWI

    I like how that is a thing. How the only reason we know that is due to the transparency of Rich and due to that, kiwi has its place in the journey as a pioneer
  3. clark

    Can I Build My Game Using KIWI

    Nope I am going to say Kiwi is dead.
  4. clark

    Pixi.js for Typescript?

    This is up to date. In the future will look at possibly including types with the official package.json so that they are automatically available when acquiring pixi from npm.
  5. clark

    Phaser 2.5 Roadmap (and request for ideas)

    Pixi V4 would be all that I felt mattered! I know bunnies are hardly the be and end all of performance benchmarks, but Phaser + v4 = Lazer. Obviously not quite (modular etc aside), but I feel Lazer should concern itself outside the renderer (and be TypeScript obvs but I will let it slide :P) . !
  6. clark

    Typescript defs for Phaser Box2D plugin on GitHub

    Great work Tom, it will be of great value to those even outside the phaser community. I appreciate how much effort went into it too.
  7. clark

    Exporting build from VisualStudio

    So if you press debug, you see your game launching in the browser? In terms of release, I have always used grunt or gulp to compile the final release directory. Chances are you want to eventually minify and stuff for release. I am not sure how to do it with VS alone
  8. clark


    I hear you
  9. So generally speaking you have projects. Lets say you have some phaser games like `football` and `shooter` You also have other systems which are wider in scope. Say `Leaderboard` or `AdSystem`. What is the modern way of dealing with this? Right now I am trying an IFrame. So essentially `Leaderboard` is just a webpage, and `shooter` will load `Leaderboard` into an Iframe. This sucks for a lot of reasons though. I know it is not the best way. It is like, `Leaderboard` does not want to be a web page. It wants to just be a javascript API and hence the confusion. I am somewhat aware of Modular JS, but I have not went fully external. I know it would involve a lot of refactoring on my side which I am happy to do but I am not sure going in that direction will solve my problem? I want to say "new Leaderboard" when I need it rather than use a Script tag to load in leaderboard incase I happen to need it..... Not least because then index.html pages become a pain to maintain. Any ideas here? Thanks for reading!
  10. clark

    TypeScript problem accessing BitmapFont Data

    Thanks for your help on this one guys, appreciated. I made a PR containing your findings.
  11. clark

    TypeScript definition file for rStats.js

    I have to say that I am totally confused by that Syntax.... `"FPS").frame()`. In JavaScript I do not know what is happening! So `let myStats = new rStats()` appears to return a function?? Then you call `myStats("property")` to return a value based on that property??? I am so confused! Why did the author not just use getters/setters or even just properties? I am sure there is a reason! Anyway! A cheap definition file could look like this to get rid of your error. rStats.d.ts `declare var rStats: any;` I was has hoping to throw a definition file together for you, but I just cannot understand what the code is doing
  12. Going back a good 10 years now, I started a game degree, it was not what I wanted so I switched to Multimedia Systems. In hindsight, the best thing I could have done was a standard computer science degree. It does not pigeon hole you into any specific field while leaving you open to explore the subject. Good luck!
  13. Yeah there are a good few of us using it (d.ts definition file). The community make PRs (but less frequently which I take as a good thing), Rich adds definitions where he can, and I often review changes a couple of times a month to mop up any stranglers. It does not have Box2D or Creature definitions yet. P2 may be slightly outdated... Aside from these features though, I would say its probably conservatively around 97% accurate! Welcome btw, I am from the same planet as you and use TS for the same reason!
  14. clark

    Optimize performance

    game.forceSingleUpdate = true;In the first state of your game. It really depends on the game though, I do not use Physics and get better performance with forceSingleUpdate.
  15. clark

    Prototype Syntax in TypeScript

    Try module MyGame { export class StateA extends Phaser.State { } }In this case, you do not need to add that constructor because its the same as the Phaser.State you are extending. When you see "prototype" in JS threads, I think it just means "properties" to your TypeScript class. So if you see StateA.prototype.create It actually means this in this context module MyGame { export class StateA extends Phaser.State { myVar: number create(): void { //all phaser states have a create method, so here is where we put create stuff. this.myVar = Math.random() * 100; } } }Or here is just a random other extend this time, it is a group with an image within it. I need to set stuff up in the constructor (unlike states) so I extend a group, and then pass it super(game) because Phaser.Group needs a Game reference. Then I can build up my custom group with a image or another stuff. When I want to use it I call "var gesture = new MyGame.TutorialGesture(;" module MyGame { export class TutorialGesture extends Phaser.Group { /** * The image itself, the actual texture we will use */ private image: Phaser.Image; /** * Constains the tutorial gesture artwork. A centre aligned pointer. */ constructor(game: Phaser.Game) { super(game, null); this.image =, 0, AssetList.ThemeKey(), AssetList.Themes.POINTER); this.image.anchor.set(0.5, 0.5); this.add(this.image); } /** * Destroy the gesture */ destroy(): void { if (this.image) { this.image.destroy(true); this.image = null; } super.destroy(true, false); } }}
  16. clark

    JS Modules?

    Edited: After a lot of digging, this page serves up all of my questions. I would suggest a read.
  17. clark

    Phaser 2.4 Release Candidate 2

    Yeah exactly! I abandoned it, the restructure just jacked the whole file. However, the experiment was successfully implementing the component structure, so I should be able to compare my experiment to each of the respective classes that use them, and then from there boil it down to a handful of missing properties (ie: Graphics missing input) which can be added without ill effect. I will take a look tonight should not be too bad.
  18. clark

    Phaser 2.4 Release Candidate 2

    The Uncommented one is always the most up to date. Things started getting a bit out of hand when the Component System was added. I do not for example use BitmapText anywhere so finding mistakes is hard. I have implemented the component system here *edit: back to drawing board*
  19. clark

    Phaser 2.4 Release Candidate 2

    I think you find them on the Phaser.Pointer class now. Ahh thanks for correcting me @wayfinder
  20. Hi mate, can you give me more information on this? What version of TypeScript do you have installed?
  21. clark

    Migrating from AS3 to Phaser

    Hi mate, Check out TypeScript if you are coming from a AS3 background (as am I). Here is your class in TypeScript. This same class in JavaScript is a nightmare which will requre you to read a few books on JavaScript. There is no need to learn all that garbage when Microsoft have done it for you. You will learn JavaScript when you debug your stuff in Chrome.... You learn via TypeScript how JavaScript does classes or you can just ignore it entirely with source maps. Also, you get full Intellisense. Meaning that pressing "this." will bring up a list of properties/methods exactly like ActionScript. It is so similar to AS3 (with more advanced features such as overloading, generics, etc) that you will go from rookie Javascripter to the Boss in a few days or a week or a month depending on how much you play with it. module game { export class CPlayer extends CGameObject{ constructor(aRadius: number){ } }}And here is the JavaScript version of that code (not really but that is how I see it) {}{}{}{]][][][][]][{}{{*(*(*(*(*(*)_)_)_)_) prototpye....object.extends(someshit about a constructor here) self executing anonymous function...((())){}{}....this that _this {}{}{}{}{}{}{}{][][][[[]((()) this this {}{{[]I just mean you know what a Class is, an interface, and so on right? JavaScript does not have these constructs. So without TypeScript (or Actionscript) you are going to have to google stuff like "How do you emulate an interface in JavaScript" or even worse, try to fit into a new functional paradigm which just does not make sense what so ever to any project you ever made previously.
  22. I just wanted to check out Pixi V3, first time I visited the repo. Great progress Is there any examples I can take a look at? Just like a Hello World so see how the code has changed? I have not kept up with the differences so far. Thanks and great work!
  23. clark

    fps performance and time issues

    Yeah I had a similar problem but we did not care due to the project type. The older the device, the higher the score, because everything is slower and so its much easier for a person to play. This is the opposite of your problem I guess but the same realm. I feel I knew what the issue was but I cannot quantify it. If the game was based on 60fps..... 1 second encompases 60 updates.... At this point the game is perfect. If a device runs at 30fps, then there is 30 updates, but they should be twice as "big". If a game was 1fps, then there is 1 update, but it should be 60 times "bigger". The end result is that all of these have moved by 60 updates, not 60, 30, 1 respectively. I cannot state how the phaser game update loops work, and although I do see the math, I cannot figure out how to integrate it cleanly.
  24. clark

    SpriteBatch disabling input events?

    It seems this is the case for me on 2.3.0, perhaps by design (I ended up here on google) it is not intended.
  25. clark

    Judder during animations that should be smooth

    This is the case for me as well but it is just so random. I have a moving stack of X items, No more than 8. During the update loop, I loop over this collection and update each position. Since it is scrolling, it is easy to see jerkyness or just stuttering. I eventually got back to just the moving stack, I got rid of all other groups in the scene. Same thing. Some weird grinding is going on. This occurs on both. I was hitting the CPU profiler but it is not really helpful. My own methods are pretty low down the list (not that it means much probably). Canvas suffers from something similar so I could not really narrow it down there. Chrome says that I am running at constant 60fps on my game rig, and actually it is more noticible on FireFox. Funnily, on an IPad, there is silky smoothness at 60fps running in native texture sizes! It looks like an app! I HAVE to set = true. Leaving that as false for all games, on all devices is a killer. As I said, the older Ipad is looking good for speed with no stuttering, if it is false, performance decreases significantly. So... I know what GBM is saying but I just cannot narrow it down or even really give any REAL reproduction. I cannot isolate it to anything.