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  1. This is how scirra is treating its costumers

    Oof! No one came out of that discussion looking pretty!
  2. V8 Racing for Sponsorship

    feel free to add a link to the game, the screenshot looks promising but not very interactive
  3. Salvage - A little turn-based bullet-hell shooter

    great little game! Loved the idea and even the music is fantastic!
  4. looks promising, but another vote for normal steering from me - I've had a few attempts but just can't twist my brain into working with the current directional controls!
  5. Cardinal Run

    fun game! - and the visual effects really add to the simple game-play maybe you could transition the background over time eg. colour change to give the player some sense of progression?
  6. Roto Blaster

    loved it!
  7. [Panda 2] Airplane 3D

    I found it hard to judge my position in relation to the boxes but looks great and runs smoothly! Not sure if it's just me - but I would have found it easier if the up and down controls were reversed - maybe if you ever turn it into a full game you could include an option to flip them.
  8. MarketJS copying games again

    To quote the MarketJS guy from a previous thread concerning their flagrant copying of other developers games: some previous examples of games they have copied and are still actively selling: Original game Let Me Grow MarketJS copy Baby Whale Rescue Original game Pilot Heroes MarketJS copy Pilot Training Original Game: Mini Race Rush MarketJS copy Monster Truck Below is a few screenshots from their new game Tiny World Golf compared to a game made over 2 years ago Mini Putt Hey MarketJS, here's a thought - STOP MAKING CHEAP-ASS COPIES OF OTHER DEVELOPERS GAMES!
  9. [Phaser] Nature Basketball

    very pretty and fun to play - the level of detail and effects were lovely! My only criticism would be that I felt unfairly hindered from aiming when the ball's start position is close to the right side of the screen
  10. these are great!
  11. Why not contact the author/s of the games directly and ask if they are willing to supply a version to run offline?
  12. Greetings from Famobi

    You are not a publisher - you are a thief Looking at the various aliases that 'zapbooster' uses on the app store I've found several of my games you have stolen and uploaded - along with many others I can see from other devs here you are the problem, not Famobi - stop stealing content and uploading them to the app stores
  13. Algerian Solitaire

    really beautiful game, easy to pick-up and addictive - ended up playing quite a few games in a row! You guys are making some fantastic stuff!
  14. Exclusives

    Much of what you ask would be something to sort out with the people licensing the game Agreements are negotiable, so as long as you're up-front with your requests and make sure the contract stipulates everything clearly then I'm sure you'll be able to agree to a license that works out for both sides (eg. publisher has exclusive rights to web and app stores, you have rights to console, pc download etc.) Be wary of the term 'sub-licensing', this can mean different things to different people - so if it pops up in an agreement make sure it is defined clearly and you're happy with the implications
  15. Dungeon Slog - roguelite action rpg

    love it!
  16. Sold my first game!

    congratulations - it's fun game!
  17. MarketJS copying games again

    I don't mean to criticize your handling of this but you'll find people might respond more positively if you just admitted fault and removed the games in question rather than use the same pseudo corporate PR response as last time. The games mentioned in the thread last year are still live and for sale on your site so why should anyone believe you this time? For clarity, here they are again: Original game Let Me Grow MarketJS copy Baby Whale Rescue Original game Pilot Heroes MarketJS copy Pilot Training Original Game: Mini Race Rush MarketJS copy Monster Truck Original Game Mini Putt MarketJS copy Tiny World Golf Would it be possible to remove these from your site immediately and not sold in the future? I've had to explain to clients why there are are odd looking copies of my games around and I've lost sales to publishers who already have your clones of my games in their catalogue Another thing - there's a couple of forum users have been very busy trying to push this thread off the front page by bumping old posts. I also noticed that the last time they posted was at exactly the same time as the previous MarketJS thread about copying games... Please could you ask them to give it a rest as it screws up the forum for other users!
  18. MarketJS copying games again

    actually I'm with BobF on this - there's nothing that any developer can realistically do about this kind of behavior apart from highlight it to other devs/publishers and hope word gets around If it was direct theft of code/assets I would have issued a DMCA takedown notice
  19. MarketJS copying games again

    I got in touch with them last year about an earlier copied game but they never removed it so I'm just going to call them out here whenever I see them doing it again.
  20. I agree with Arseniy - the swap bubble feature is a common (and probably expected) feature + is a fairly easy thing to integrate while adding a useful strategic element for the player. In terms of general game-play - you've got the basics all in there so now I would suggest you focus on the visual appeal - particularly with the background, UI and motion effects Might be an idea to choose a consistent theme/style that dictates how your menu screens and in-game assets will look + and maybe consider some kind of character at the bottom throwing the bubbles and make the level progression feel more like a journey that players will want to come back to (Bubble Witch Saga is a great example of this) I think the 'feel' could be greatly improved with some movement or sense of impact when bubbles land (eg. bubbles bounces when a new one hits or a ripple of movement when one pops) In terms of functionality, I'd prefer it if click + drag showed an aiming line then release fires the bubble (rather than just firing a bubble on click). This is really useful for aiming the bounce off walls
  21. famobi

    I think we may have just witnessed the shortest ever game development career
  22. New html5 games for licensing

    It was seeing the early Doubleduck games some years ago that encouraged me to switch to HTML5 - you guys were the only ones I could see producing native app quality, good looking and performing games with this technology! I still reference you guys as being the benchmark for high quality work Here's wishing you continued success in the future!
  23. Current Licensing Market

    ya, fair point To clarify - I meant to try and do games that have little competition in 'html5 world' For example I made one of those side-on drag racing games that are all over the app stores but not so many in html5 - so it was a dumbed down generic clone of an already popular concept but moved to a platform where there was little competition. No harm in making another bubble shooter or another 2D physics game - but it's going to have to be better than all the others out there if you want it to sell!
  24. Current Licensing Market

    To add another voice of optimism, I've been doing the html5 thing full time for about 3 years now and seem to be doing just fine I've seen the licensing market change quite a bit in that time - but new and better opportunities seem to arise as older ones diminish To echo other's comments - having a back catalogue of games is a big advantage as it means you are more likely to be approached for the better potential deals and/or a higher chance that at least one or two of your games is going to fulfill a clients needs to answer some questions from my point of view: If I don't ask then normally I'm told by some regular clients about the kind of games they are currently looking for. If I hear the same thing from enough potential clients/publishers then I will likely make that my next game I have a UK based limited company and have an accountant to handle exciting accounty things As others have said, I've found little correlation between length of development time and resulting income. The quality target is an easier thing to define - basically my plan of attack once I've decided on a game type is to find the current best html5 example then make sure mine is better in some way. I will ditch a game idea if I see someone else has made an excellent version or if there are simply too many variations of them already around. Ideally, make a game that won't have a lot of competition!