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  1. Looks good to me! Do you have any link where we could see the progress? I check the GitHub but the latest commit is still a year ago. I'm curios on how do you use ES6 & which transpiler you're using.
  2. Hi, I have experience combining Backbone with CreateJS and Ash.js. I use Backbone.js for managing screens (title, game, and pause screen) and also the game UI. The game logic itself is a separated module (not using Backbone) and used only in game screen. Have a look at https://github.com/abiyasa/ashteroids-js ;-) It's not necessary to use Backbone (or other your favorite MVC framework) but there are some advantages: - Screens and Game UI are implemented & styled using standard HTML & CSS through templating system. - You can apply those pretty HTML5 & CSS3 effects for your game screens. You can event use jQuery or other JS UI library. - You could have web designer to help you designing the screens - Separation between screens and the game logic - Since this is a SPA (Single-page-application) you only need 1 html file (index.html) for all screens.
  3. Hey Chris, the tools & UI looks nice. What library do you use for it?
  4. @Chris: You're right, I didn't see that :-) I just copy-and-paste things from my bookmark
  5. Collection of FREE e-books http://jsbooks.revolunet.com/ Beginners & also advanced JavaScript (modularity, unit testing, ...)jQueryCoffeeScriptHTML CAnvasNode.JSDOMMongoDBand more... Links to lots of articles http://superherojs.com/ Understanding JavaScriptCode organization, modularity, and design patternTesting your applicationTools and workflowPerformance and profilingSecurityand more...
  6. Thanks! I've updated GitHub repo. Now you can play them by opening the HTML files directly on the browser. No more Grunt/node command! Looking forward for your TypeScript port of Ash
  7. @Mike: Thanks for the link. I've updated the Ashteroids example (https://github.com/abiyasa/ashjs-asteroids-example). Now you don't have to use node.js or grunt to run it. Just open ashteroids.html from your browser Note: IE is still not supported.
  8. Hi Mike, The Ashteroids example (https://github.com/abiyasa/ashjs-asteroids-example) is still not finished yet, but you can try this if you want to run it: - Make sure you have installed node.js & grunt - From the ashteroids folder, do 'grunt connect'. This will start a local webserver on port 9000 - Open 'localhost:9000/ashteroids.dev.html' on your browser. Currently, it run on Chrome & the latest FireFox. IE is still not supported: class-js requires ECMAScript 5 support