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  1. Less lag in video panning

    I think you aren't understanding me. If you put a huge video into pixi's rendering pipeline, it will be slow. Just use normal browser video rendering instead.
  2. Less lag in video panning

    Looks like the texture upload is just slow, and looking at the source video I can see why. The video is HUGE! Best way to make this faster is to not be a video that you have to upload each frame of. Instead just make some sprites and pan across those.
  3. Docs Missing Events

    @bigtimebuddy is looking into this, thanks for bringing it up!
  4. Particles Demo? - Also Do They Only Work In WebGL?

    If you mean transparency of the canvas, it is because the browser has to composit the canvas with the DOM below it. If you mean alpha of sprites in the scene, then it is not more expensive.
  5. Less lag in video panning

    Can't profile it because the video doesn't load
  6. Disabling blending

    I think Phaser 2 uses pixi v3, and Phaser 3 doesn't use pixi at all.
  7. pixi-lights for v4?

    Nope! I think others have done some experiments though.
  8. Obviously I don't understand the question, are you asking has someone converted their JS project into Java/C++ and wrapped in an APK?
  9. Here are a few to get you started, google is your friend here: https://www.ludei.com/cocoonjs/ http://impactjs.com/ejecta https://cordova.apache.org/
  10. Regarding Pixi.Ticker (deltaTime vs elapsedMS)

    elapsedMS is the raw time since last frame, deltaTime is an interpolated and capped version of the time since last frame.
  11. Preparing the Sprite-sheet

    To answer your question directly, each atlas has a json file describing the layout of the atlas. If you put 5 images into an image atlas, you need to know where each of those 5 images are within the larger image, and how to use them. The json file gives you that information.
  12. Confused About PixiJSv4's Main Loop?

    Well in the code you posted, it doesn't (unless state calls it, whatever that fn is). Also PixiJS doesn't have a loop, the loop only exists in user-land (or in PIXI.Application, but you aren't using that here). You can always put a breakpoint in `play` and look at the call stack.
  13. On Android Must Tap Twice To Press Button?

    Not sure what gave you that idea, I feel like you need to work on your google-fu: https://developers.google.com/web/tools/chrome-devtools/remote-debugging/
  14. Issues With PixiJSv4 Game Running On New Domain?

    Looks like: You did't have the encoding set in the headers or in the document, but this seems fixed now (I see it in the document and don't see this error anymore) You either had multiple context being created, or refreshed a whole bunch so it started cleaning up some old ones (and told you about it) This last one I've explained a few times, some of which are in the first results on google: https://github.com/pixijs/pixi.js/issues/3897#issuecomment-294505566 http://www.html5gamedevs.com/topic/29792-please-help-with-webgl-errors/?do=findComment&comment=171151
  15. Text.cacheAsBitmap=true cuts off the text

    PIXI.Text is just a canvas that we drew the text to using the normal canvas 2d text drawing APIs, then we use the canvas as a texture for drawing to the WebGL context. Cache as bitmap is useful for deep trees of objects that you want to condense to a single (unchanging) texture. For example, setting cacheAsBitmap on a single sprite (or Text object) will have no benefit.