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  1. https://github.com/pixijs/pixi.js/issues/2991
  2. It should flush with the rest of the browser render though, shouldn't be a case where the page is rendering but your webgl app isn't (which is what I understood to be what OP said was happening, maybe I misread).
  3. Rendering is synchronous. When renderer.render() returns, all of it has been rendered.
  4. The only performance difference is that you have to upload textures to the GPU, the larger it is, the longer it takes to upload. But usually you only upload once, and then you're done.
  5. This is a cool way to allow applications using the canvas-2d API to start using pixi immediately. Which for WebGL users would offer speed boosts, without them having to change any code. Very cool @HernanZh, thanks for the share.
  6. In canvas, there is very little difference between ParticleContainer and Container. The real benefit of ParticleContainer is that on webgl we can push transform updates to the GPU, at the cost of losing some feature support. Unless you are experiencing a real performance issue with using Container, I wouldn't worry about using ParticleContainer. ParticleContainer becomes useful when showing hundreds of thousands of particle sprites in WebGL.
  7. Adding/removing every frame can be expensive. However, so can having a huge list of sprites you never render. It is always best to measure, try both and profile which works best for your scenario.
  8. Note that while that line errors using `let`, it would not error when using `var` due to hoisting. Also, JavaScript is a function-scoped language. Only `let` and `const` are block-scoped. Catching errors like the one in this post are why I usually recommend using let/const whenever possible. Hosting is dumb.
  9. Then use setTimeout or a custom ticker. Ticker is a requestAnimationFrame wrapper, if you don't want to use requestAnimationFrame then you need to use something else. You could also just do the frame limiting on your side by tracking delta time.
  10. All Sprites in a ParticleContainer must share a BaseTexture
  11. Did you read the docs? You can modify `speed` to get different rates. http://pixijs.download/release/docs/PIXI.ticker.Ticker.html#speed
  12. Does each use that same render texture, or do you create a new one each time?
  13. Does what you have not work? https://nodejs.org/api/events.html#events_emitter_removealllisteners_eventname
  14. It means that there should only be one instance of PIXI.BaseTexture that each of them use.
  15. If you want anything more than just a polygon straight cutting out something with a mask, then use an alpha mask. You can do dithering and things there.