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  1. In my company i test one game on standard PC width win7, and on chrome I see 60FPS but on IE about 15FPS, when I update video drivers performance on IE increase to 60FPS too... AND when I did stress-test I see performance on IE, on updated drivers is much better than chrome because chrome use embedded drivers...
  2. Update your video drivers, because IE use drivers from system, (chrome has embedded drivers)
  4. Hello I try get access to PIXI.ObjectRenderer but result is undefined, how I can get reference to This class? I need extends ObjectRenderer... L.
  5. lukasyno

    pixiFLIP source

    Hello, I found pixiFLIP plugin But this plugin is buggy, problem is with depthsort normal displayList and pseudo 3D displayList. I want fix this, where Can I grab source for this plugin? It is open source plugin?
  6. Webg has bug/size limit to 4096(2^12) max. please see here and set width/height with big number (> 4096), you can see distortion.. more details about this webgl size limit/bug you can see here BTW, IE don't have this bug.
  7. lukasyno

    Texture scale.

    Hello, it is posible implement scale properties for Texture, like in the Starling ? it is very useful feature for HD,SD etc assets..
  8. Hello, it is possible to fill texture instead color in Graphic class? in canvas renderer it is easy but I have problem with webgl, any idea?
  9. Hello There! I have two simple class for example ofc. Class1. function Item(){this.test = N;//N = random value;}Item.prototype.f = function(){ var a = this.test * 10;var b = this.test * 20;var c = this.test * 30;}Class2 function Item(){this.test = N;//N = random value;}Item.prototype.f = function(){var test = this.test; var a = test * 10;var b = test * 20;var c = test * 30;}Class Item for example is create about x 1000. And question, CLass1 or Class2 is faster? cost create local variable is small ? or better is just use "this" to find instance value... Cheers.
  10. *TIP* Slow is found pointer to "this instance" in prototype public function, you need cached this value.
  11. Now, PIXI support trimmed texture?
  12. Hello. I create mobile app and have question. I have blinds animation (animation drawing on canvas in fullscreen) when user change view. Which way is beter for performance: 1. in main loop update BlindManagera when need ? if (BlindManager.getInstance().needUpdate) BlindManager.getInstance().update(); 2. Create new requestAnimationFrame for update render method and when animation is done just use cancelAnimationFrame(ID); ? Thanks.
  13. lukasyno

    For loop.

    Hello again. See here I dont have any question...
  14. Hello, I had problem and I wrote topic see here i found 2 strange bugs.Ok 1: I Can't dynamic change width/height instance of TilingSpriteexample see here browser window size) 2: @enupo found hack solution. stage.removeChild(sprite);sprite.width = 200;stage.addChild(sprite); but see here if again add child instance of TilingSprite (before I change width/size ) stage.addChildAt(tilingSprite, 0); Is top on Ball. One solution is But it is strange i thing tilingSprite broken structure of displayList.. Thanks.