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  1. Audio Debugging

    If you used a dynamics compressor node as opposed to a filter, you'd only reduce the amplitude of the loudest frequencies when necessary (as opposed to reducing the amplitude of a constant set of frequencies all the time)
  2. Analytics for html5 games?

    Google analytics - it may not be the best but it's very convenient for me to have all analytics in the same centralized place. You can send custom events with ga('send', 'event', 'category', 'action', 'label', value);
  3. 500 HTML5 games in 4 years.

    Very impressive, that's about 1 game for every 2 working days... not sure how this is even possible, but well done. Can you tell us how you pull that off? Like you spend 2 hours thinking about what game you want to make, 5 hours for art, 7 hours writing code and 2 hours for cleaning it up and publishing it? Or do you work 24 hours a day including Christmas and holidays? It'd be very good to know what "break even" means too, in terms of numbers, if you don't mind sharing that information.
  4. true; It also exceeds 80 characters (not a bad thing IMO, but jshint will complain about it)
  5. It's surprisingly good I've played lots of "one-touch control" platformers, and I must say I've had more fun with this than with some of the big-name ones like rayman. Well done!
  6. JavaScript Framework's

    Sadly html5gameengine is terribly out of date. Tried to contact them several times to update our entry, but no luck - we're stuck with a description and links that were accurate 4 years ago. Quite frustrating given the amount of referrals that we still get from that site. Hopefully someone will make a more up-to-date list that becomes as popular as that one. Mattstyles has got some very good advice here. I'm not entirely sure about the first part, e.g. we don't commit new code every day, we just release new versions every 2-3 months. Another way to gauge activity is to look at forums / blogs and see if there's anything recent: if the last post is from several months / years ago, then it's probably an abandoned project. But other than that, pretty solid advice.
  7. PhoneGap/Cordova is not needed anymore for Android

    There's one here: However this approach is only suitable to Android >= 5.0. Sadly there's still a good portion of Android devices (about 25%) running version 4. It might be a bit too early to ditch Cordova / Crosswalk / etc completely
  8. To The Capital II

    From a visual standpoint, it looks like this will be a massive improvement over the first instalment. Will you keep the same gameplay as well? I followed the link to your website but there's no mention of it being a sequel (though it's implied by the name). Normally you'd stress that to encourage your existing player base to try out the new game. Does that mean that you're not satisfied with how things worked out for the original To The Capital and want this game to be its own separate thing?
  9. While that may appear to work, it doesn't... the value of _attacker, when the timeout funciton is executed, will be the last value that was assigned to _attacker in your foor loops. I'd like to point out that you have a bigger problem there, in that you have 2 nested loops that are iterating using the same i variable (even though you are redefining it, it's the same i variable in both loops). Probably not what you want. Anyway I wanted to suggest that you don't need to make players an array to use forEach. You can also do: Object.keys(players).forEach(function(i) { // do something with players[i] });
  10. Just noticed this on Greenlight and voted Yes I really like the retro style and it looks like it would be a lot of fun to play. Good luck with it
  11. why is not https ?

    Just my $.02, because I won't waste an opportunity to rant about SSL There's been a lot of pressure recently to get everyone to move to https. Chrome and Firefox have started disabling some of the more interesting features for websites that are not on https. Why wouldn't you do it, they say it's supposedly "secure", you can get it for free, it's simple to set up, etc. Reality, sadly, is a bit different. In 2017, setting up SSL is still a big headache. True, it's easier than it used to be, but still... Let's encrypt is free and automatable, but good luck getting it to work on systems that aren't what they desgined it for. While it can be very simple in some cases, if your server doesn't run on linux, if it's not apache or nginx... well, then it's not so simple anymore, is it. You need to spend days to figure it all out. And if you don't manage to automate it, when the time comes to renew your SSL certificates (they last just 3 months), you may have to spend days again if they've changed something. Cloudfare is OK, but they can screw up big time, and also the free option gets you a shared SSL certificate - that's only as good as the people you're sharing it with. Not to mention that if you have a HTTP site then move it to HTTPS, then it's suddenly a different domain, with all that it entails in terms of SEO, cookies, localStorage and all that. In short, sometimes it's just not worth it. Out of 8 servers that I manage, I have 4 set up with SSL. When I can avoid it, I do - fewer things that can go wrong. But then I salt and hash all passwords client side (as well as server side), so nothing is ever sent in plain text. I feel that's generally a good solution, unless you do need proper security - for a forum you don't IMHO.
  12. Instant Games are on Facebook Messenger

    It's interesting, but it is not clear to me how you'd make money out of it... no in-app purchases it seems, for now anyway
  13. Battleships

    Sorry I had completely lost track of this. Just tried again, works perfectly now.
  14. Captain Backwater

    One of the most interesting games I've seen here in a long time. Some original gameplay ideas and very good execution. Did you use any frameworks or is it all your own code? Great job either way
  15. Detecting CPU usage

    Thanks for the tips guys. To clarify and add some more restrictions: unfortunately this is not a game where things happen at set intervals, it's a (very complex) web app where there are both things happening at set intervals and lots of transactional (user-initiated) calculations that can happen at any time. Webworkers are a good idea, but the amount of work that needs to be done on the main thread to kick off the web workers (gathering all the data and sending it to a task) is what I'm worried about. Ideally I'd like to find a method to say "it looks like the user is just staring at the screen right now, they aren't actually doing anything or waiting for some expensive calculation to complete, it's a good time to run some of those tasks". But I'd need to do so without having to add code to each possible user-initiated function call, because I have literally hundreds of those. And when I add new ones, I'll forget to add this profiling code there too. What do you think of something like this, in addition to timing request animation frame? var before =; setTimeout(function() { var after =; if (after - before < 3) { // the main thread is not too busy } }, 0);