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  1. [iOS/Android] CasinoRPG

    CasinoRPG has been successfully running on desktop browsers since we launched out of beta in 2014, but it was always our goal to reach more platforms like mobile. We are excited to announce that the game is now available as an app in the iOS App Store and Android Google Play store. For some background, the game is an MMORPG that merges role-playing, city-building, tycoon and casino games. The game is built with our own fork of the Isogenic Engine, and we used Cordova to create native apps for the game as well as a lot of work to translate the desktop experience to mobile. Download in App Store Download in Google Play
  2. [Phaser] Strike Tactics: free-to-play HTML5 RTS

    @feudalwars First of all, really impressive work, the game looks and plays fantastic! On a technical note, I was wondering if you'd mind sharing how you pulled off good performance with all of the particles you've (trails, explosions, etc). We've been trying to get some basic smoke trails setup in a game we are working on using Particle Storm, and with just a few on screen the performance tanks. Are you using a custom particle system or any other strategy to keep it running smooth with so much going on?
  3. We've been looking for some ways to cut the memory usage of our 2D canvas game and thought we'd try converting our PNG files to 4-bit from 8-bit using TexturePacker. TexturePacker shows half the RAM usage during this conversion (exporting as RGBA4444 instead of RGBA8888), but when we load the game we seeing ~100MB increase in process memory in Chrome. This seems rather counter-intuitive as I assumed worst-case it would use roughly the same memory. Any ideas what could be going on here?
  4. [Greenlight] CasinoRPG - Casino MMORPG

    We just got notice that we've been Greenlit! Thanks everyone for the support.
  5. [Greenlight] CasinoRPG - Casino MMORPG

    @Jammy @kaasis Thanks, much appreciated!
  6. [Greenlight] CasinoRPG - Casino MMORPG

    Thanks! We used our own for of the Isogenic Engine on the client. We wrote a custom server using Node.js (we open sourced a small part of it at We also use MongoDB and Redis on the server for data, caching, etc.
  7. CasinoRPG is an MMORPG that merges role-playing, city-building, tycoon and casino games. We launched the game on the web in 2014 and have continued to roll out frequent updates over the last several years. The game is built with our own fork of the Isogenic Engine and we’ve recently been working on desktop applications for the game. So, today we launched the game on Steam Greenlight and would really appreciate getting your support with a vote! We’d also love to hear any feedback as we continue to evolve and improve the game every day. Vote on Greenlight Play in Browser
  8. Phaser Webpack Loader Plugin

    I first started by writing a Phaser boilerplate using ES6 and Webpack. However, the thing missing was simple asset loading through Webpack, so I wrote a new plugin to facilitate that along with some more advanced features like compressed textures and retina graphics. Just define your asset manifest file, add the plugin and you are done. Github/Docs | NPM Load all game assets in parallel. Load images, spritesheets, atlases, audio, bitmap fonts and web fonts. Integrated with Webpack for automatic cache-busting. Supports all filetypes. Supports asset postfix for retina support ('@2x', '@3x', etc). Supports automatic loading of compressed textures (PVRTC, S3TC, ETC1).
  9. Compressed Texture with Atlas

    For anyone interested, loading of compressed textures is fixed in Phaser-CE 2.7.7.
  10. Phaser 2.7+ and Atlas Compression Questions

    Did you ever get this figured out? I'm trying to setup something similar to the below to get this working with an atlas; however, I can't even get the PVR file to load (it correctly selects the PVR file when on iOS, but it just hangs on loading forever).
  11. Compressed Texture with Atlas

    After going over the advanced rendering tutorial (, I started working on adding compressed textures into our game. Based on the example in that tutorial, it seemed like this would be a perfect match using an atlas as is shown in the example. However, digging into the API, only loading through game.load.image or game.load.texture supports passing in a formats object. Is this not actually supported with an atlas or am I just missing something?
  12. Game Developer Conference

    Thanks, I really appreciate it! I've actually been meaning to do a follow-up post since we've since migrated to HAProxy and gotten all levels fully redundant. We definitely have plans to start on a new game, hopefully later this year, and it'll certainly be a totally different genre from what we've done before.
  13. Game Developer Conference

    Is anyone going to be in San Francisco in a couple weeks for GDC 2016? Myself and one of our other devs will be there and would love to meet up with any other HTML5 game devs (we are the creators of CasinoRPG and howler.js). Feel free to reply here or tweet me @GoldFireStudios.
  14. Howler JS - Chrome on Android

    As BobF mentions, you need to use 2.0. The autoSuspend feature isn't in 1.x. You also don't want to set Howler.autoSuspend to false as that would disable the feature that fixes the Chrome Android issue.
  15. The game is doing quite well and is seeing fantastic growth, so from that standpoint I'm very pleased with the outcome. I do wish something like pixi.js had been around when we started development on the game, but we've actually been able to squeeze quite a bit of performance out of it. The biggest challenge has actually been that the Isogenic Engine was essentially abandoned a year ago. We've since forked it and are doing our own development on it, but it would have been nice to be using a fully open source engine/library that was under active development still. The challenging, but fun aspect of working on such a large project has been that we've had to come up with solutions to a lot of unusual problems and think outside of the box. We've written about a few things (and hopefully we'll find the time soon to write about some more). One example is our horizontal scaling back-end that we've had in production for around 6 months now (