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  1. GoldFire

    More advanced particles?

    We are in the process of porting our Phaser-CE game to Phaser 3 and have been using Particle Storm. We were able to make a lot of great particle effects with this and it looked like the Phaser 3 particle system was fairly similar. However, we are finding some serious limitations that render the vast majority of our particle effects impossible in Phaser 3. I'm hoping this isn't actually the case and I'm just overlooking something. For example, a lot of our particles start with a random alpha value, fade in from 0 to full opacity at the half point and then back to 0 at the end: alpha { value: {min: 0.5, max: 1}, control: [{x: 0, y: 0}, {x: 0.5, y: 1}, {x: 1, y: 0}], } However, two issues in Phaser 3: 1. You can't use min/max in addition to start/end, so it is an either/or with having random values and values that tween. 2. You can no longer define a control, you can only provide an easing function, which means you can only either fade in or fade out, but not both. Is there any way to accomplish this in Phaser 3 that I'm overlooking?
  2. GoldFire

    Custom Builds?

    We've been using Phaser-CE and doing custom builds to exclude components that we don't use (such as physics engines that we don't use, etc). I've been looking over the docs and don't see a way to do that in Phaser 3. Am I missing something or is that indeed the case?
  3. We just released another big update that includes Squads (similar to clans/guilds in other games). The feature is fairly simple right now, though we plan on expanding it over time. The focus is on forming a small group of friends and designing a unique identity with the logo designer that provides thousands of unique combinations. There is also a monthly leaderboard based on our Team Race feature.
  4. We've released several huge updates over the last few weeks, including: Drone evolutions (with 18 new drone types) Daily Bounties Crates with Power-Ups Improved server performance Overhauled battled mechanics Improved Team Race scoring Lots of new and improved artwork Loads of bug fixes and general improvements
  5. GoldFire

    Pixi-Sound vs Howler

    Howler.js doesn't claim that at all. The core howler.js library has full feature parity regardless of Web Audio API or HTML5 Audio. We then have optional plugins that give you extra features only available in Web Audio API. Also, simply making your own and doing it right is a lot more work than you might think as there are a lot of browser-specific edge cases you have to cover, and there is pretty much no way to test for all of those on your own without a community effort.
  6. We've now moved all of our hosting from AWS to DigitalOcean and have gotten noticeably better performance for a significantly lower cost (we'll be doing a tech writeup as soon as we get some spare time). We've also got several big updates to the gameplay coming soon (focus has been on bugs and performance so far).
  7. GoldFire

    Pixi-Sound vs Howler

    I'm the author of howler.js and it has quite a bit of community support as well. You'll find that howler.js is the most widely used JS audio library and has been under constant development for many years. We use it in our own web games (CasinoRPG and and it is used widely elsewhere. A small list of sites/games using howler:
  8. @onlycape We were hoping to get a lot of players, but we thought it would be more of a slow ramp up not everyone all at once lol. If you wouldn't mind letting me know you username, I can take a look and try to figure out why that is happening.
  9. Thanks! Yeah, we are going to continue working on those things, but the last few days we've just been in overdrive re-writing big chunks of the server to try and handle all of the new players.
  10. @onlycape Thanks, I'm glad you like it and that you noticed some of the small details that we had fun implementing! Also, thanks for the additional feedback.
  11. @WiLD11@Skeptron Thank you, very much appreciated!
  12. We’ve been working part-time on our own take on the IO game for close to a year. Exocraft is an action/strategy persistent MMO that is focused around more depth and progression than most IO games. You start as a small mining vessel and build up your unique ship using dozens of available parts. Team up with others to mine and battle planetary defenses on a dying alien world for resources, or compete in skirmish-style tournaments to reach the top. The game is built with Phaser-CE on the client and uses a custom server built with Node.js, MongoDB and Redis -- backed by our own GoldFire platform for signup/login, communication, achievements, etc. All players are in the same world, so there are no servers to choose from. As more players come online, the world will dynamically size up and down to fit the number of players and maintain resource balance. You can play now at, and any feedback is greatly appreciated!
  13. GoldFire

    Phaser 3 vs Phaser 2 Benchmarks?

    Has anyone done any comparisons between the renderer in Phaser 2 and Phaser 3? Obviously any sort of benchmarks for something like a game framework are tricky and can never give the whole picture, but still might be interesting to see how it handles various common scenarios differently.
  14. GoldFire

    [Steam] CasinoRPG - Casino MMORPG

    Thanks, glad to hear you like it! Which iPad Pro model year are you using? We didn't use pixi or phaser simply because they didn't exist when we started building the game. WebGL also didn't have very widespread support at the time (we started development in mid 2012 and launched the first web version about a year later). We are working on a new game right now with Phaser, but we were very close to going with pixi.js as well. I think if you want raw performance then pixi is the way to go, but phaser did provide a lot of nice features that have saved us a lot of time (and our new game is being developed on a fast timeline, which is what tipped the scales for us).
  15. GoldFire

    [Steam] CasinoRPG - Casino MMORPG

    Thanks, we really appreciate it! Well, it wasn't easy to get it running on mobile as it is a fairly large and asset-heavy game, but after a lot of optimizations in our fork of the engine we were able to get it to 60fps on newer phones (think iPhone 6S and newer). It does run on something like a Galaxy S3, but it isn't great, so we are mostly targeting newer devices, which still represents a very large install base. Our core community are quite active with the mobile version, but it hasn't brought in a lot of new players. The Steam launch; however, has gone quite well so far and has so far brought in quite an influx of new players (largely due to being listed in the new & trending section for the first few days).