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  1. What skills are required for Phaser development?

    Give a try to Haxe/OpenFL, if you want a language something similar to JavaScript, but ability to export native iOS and Android games. OpenFL also support HTML5 export. If you find OpenFL too low level, try HaxeFlixel.
  2. What is the best stack to use?

    I personally use ES6 with Grunt for both Phaser and PIXI.
  3. From 0$ to 100$/day from games journey: First Launch - Nature Basketball.

    Just a little constructive criticism: The graphics of the game doesn't match with each other, graphical theme isn't consistent. Best of luck
  4. ES6 Class Usage Example

    Why would you want to load images there? You need a separate Load state. That will solve the problem.
  5. How can I lock FPS?

    I think this might be helpful
  6. Re-program Flash games into HTML5

    I have emailed, did you get my email ([at]
  7. Hello, Very interesting project. I can do this in 1 week or less. This is my lastgame, Icy Babel: CLICK TO PLAY You can contact me here on the threat, personal message at forum, or at skype and/or email. My skype is: sanatan_tech My email is: Regards, Rudra
  8. My next game is being created at 1280x740 too hehe. I haven't tested phaser's scaling down a lot, hope it'll work.
  9. [Tutorial] Cooking a New Game in Phaser

    In this article I show a design pattern of writing a HTML5 game in phaser, specially helpful for writing larger games. Phaser is one of the best HTML5 game development frameworks in the wild west of Javascript world. It is certainly a powerful tool when used carefully. Phaser imposes no design decisions over you, it gives you complete freedom over what design patterns you want to choose. I have been using Phaser for more than a year. With time, I created a ‘design pattern’ which would be helpful in making games. I also created some tools to help me in C++ and FreeBASIC like the one which converts Overlap2D output to usable Phaser state in both Haxe and JS. Continue Reading Here
  10. Hello Jawhar, Email sent. I am available immediately. Regards, Harshvardhan
  11. Need HTML5 Games for

    Email sent for my game Icy Babel
  12. [PlayCanvas] SWERVE: casual driving game

    Very nice game. I managed to get score of around 670. Very addicting game.

    call is not specific to Phaser. It is a JS method which calls super objects' (from where you inherited) construction. Like this: "use strict"; function inherit(o){ function F() {} F.prototype = o; return new F; } var Animal = function(given_name){ = given_name; = []; } Animal.prototype.found = function(item) {; } var Dog = function(){, "Dog"); } Dog.prototype = inherit(Animal.prototype); var Cat = function(){, "Cat"); } Cat.prototype = inherit(Animal.prototype); var tommy = new Dog(); var minni = new Cat(); tommy.found("Cake"); tommy.found("Dinner"); document.writeln("Tommy found: " + + " items.<br />"); document.writeln("Minni found: " + + " items.<br />");