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    Using scale and alpha in one tween

    Is there an easy way to use scale and alpha in one tween? I know that you can combine position and alpha like this game.add.tween(sprite).to({x: 100, alpha: 1},...)But regarding to scaling there needs to be sprite.scale parameter added instead of just sprite . And this makes things more complicated. game.add.tween(sprite.scale).to({x: 2, y:2},...)
  2. This is my latest game - Dreams vs Nightmares . Nightmares are attacking fluffy Catnap and dreams defend it. The game is in Plants vs Zombies style with 6 levels of gameplay. I'm planing to add more levels and introduce some new defenders or attackers each level. Any ideas are welcome Dreams vs Nightmares are build with Phaser. And I used online collaboration tool MyGameBuilder. Also there is a community contributing with pixelart and music which was quite handy for me. Btw, link to a project if you find it interesting vs Nightmares?_fp=chat.P_fSriL4uw2W4kY8Liu_ Printscreen from intro animation Some action in last levels
  3. shmikucis

    [WIP][Phaser] Dreams vs Nightmares

    Thanks for feedback! I'll check IE. Btw, which level was hard? I did made 5th and 6th harder. One of these or previous ones?
  4. We are trying out Phaser game concepts for beginners. Basically you are going through examples and completing tasks. There is a small but responsive community which checks tasks and gives advises. The exact url is here:
  5. shmikucis

    Game editor on Phaser

    Recently our team has created two mini-games using and we find it pretty useful. We at MightyFingers decided to help fellow game developers and created editor on top of it and called it "MightyEditor". The idea is pretty simple - make it easier for everybody to work with the framework. Currently we have very basic features implemented like asset management, map creation, grouping in levels and data exporting. However without these basic things we would spend quit a time to create all levels we have. How does it work? Editor is web based tool and doesn't require any hassle like installation or authorization to the system. Simply go to and system will give unique URL where you will be able to return later on and continue your work with map creation. Real time testing is as simple as including URL given on editor top right in your game project. You can export data from editor at any time, no dependencies here. We have tested editor only on Chrome, no guarantee for other browsers For more info check out editor features section at our home page. Video tutorial Here is a list of the features that we are planning to implement in the future. Please vote for your favorite/most needed one or even request a new one – so we can focus more on the most required features: text object zoom in / out sound management tile map support import from tiled editor export to tiled editor sprite animation editor tween editor source editor user and multi user support version control for the projects
  6. MightyEditor is a 2D game development editor based on Phaser framework. The team is based in Riga, Latvia. Our webpage: Online editor: (Europe server) If you are in North America then editor will redirect to US server MightyEditor is open source. Check out Github. You can set up stand alone version and work from your localhost. Current features: Asset management, Map editor, Physics, Code editor, Texture atlas, Tilelayer support, Animation editor, Game hosting, Open source, WEB based, Grouping, Export data, Phaser based. Features in details. There are 26 tutorials describing work with editor. We are actively adding new text and video tutorials. We recomment to check out how to create Digger mini-game from A to Z. Also there is a 30 minute video. Upcomming features: animation editor. Check out video teaser. Info email:
  7. shmikucis

    Getting started with MightyEditor

    At the moment we don't have money to actively develop editor, but reported bugs are still fixed and we try to answer every question we have.
  8. shmikucis

    [Complete][Phaser] Jelly Fall

    Hi there! I want to share MightyFingers latest game Jelly Fall. Jelly Fall is a simple game where main character falls in never ending tunnel full of obstacles. Collect coins and power-ups but avoid spikes and saws. On desktop computers use arrow left/right/down to move jelly, for mobile there are special buttons. Difficulty is set depending from depth you are. More deeper you get higher falling speed and more spikes. Link: Screenshots: I didn't created any sophisticated algorithm for placing obstacles, just ton of patterns and smart random which repeats them over and over. Btw, for creating patterns I've used our recently launched editor
  9. shmikucis

    Game editor on Phaser

    Currently editor uses v2.2.2
  10. shmikucis

    Working with Sound

    Unfortunately you can't import a project back in editor and you are right that editor has another file structure. At the moment we don't plan big refactors like that.
  11. Hi, I've made an example which works // you have to make this.playerGrounded as reference without () and pass callbackContext this// collide(object1, object2, collideCallback, processCallback, callbackContext) → {boolean}, this.firstCloud, this.playerGrounded, null, this);And there was another bug // you don't need this.isGrounded checkif(this.isGrounded && this.jumpCount < 2) { this.isGrounded = false; ...//insteadif(this.jumpCount < 2) { this.isGrounded = false; ...
  12. Hi Sacer, hard to tell if I don't see whole game. Have you tried to change function call this.playerGrounded() to reference to this function this.playerGrounded like this,, this.playerGrounded);
  13. shmikucis

    Multiple Masks

    Hi phreaknation, I am not sure how to solve this. Maybe you can ask this in main Phaser forum as it is related to Phaser library?
  14. shmikucis

    Drawing directly to world

    You are right, just tested this and added to github issues. You can move rectangle with arrow keys or specifying x,y values in settings tab. Sure it is not as convenient and we'll fix this bug most probably by next update.
  15. shmikucis

    WebSocket connection failed

    Hi sekao, do you use proxy? We have noticed that proxies often cause Websocket failure. Also which browser do you use? Currently Chrome is most tested from all.
  16. Hi guys, just read that Facebook launched compiler to build native iOS apps from JavaScript. Looks like Android apps will follow soon. The project is under BSD license and available in github Have anybody tried this and what are your thoughts? Can this compete with CocoonJS?
  17. shmikucis

    Looking for NON tiled 2d level editor

    You can try MightyEditor. It is Phaser based and has much more features Video tutorial to create mini-game
  18. shmikucis

    OS X server

    Maybe somebody could help us with OS X server? We would like to set up compiler for iOS apps to export them via single click in the browser. Ideally we could give MightyEditor subscription in exchange for hosting. Otherwise we could pay some small amount of money.
  19. shmikucis

    ChangeLog - android apk

    Good idea on news right in the editor. We could put also notifications about updates 1 day before server will go for maintenance.
  20. shmikucis

    Keyboard shortcuts and deleting objects

    Thanks, it is a good point. We are seeing ourselves with creating games or even tutorials that editor needs to be some kind of version control system. I suppose that github is good from perspective that data is stored also on some 3rd party server. We should consider challenges when there is conflict when merging and how to overcome them. Anyway we will come up with one or another solution in next two months.
  21. Depends what do you need I am using Node.js over PHP for two reasons 1) If the game is real time multiplayer 2) Game logic can be extend to client and server (Node.js) because both uses JavaScript
  22. shmikucis

    Keyboard shortcuts and deleting objects

    cedriclv, what do you mean with git support?
  23. shmikucis

    grouping groups results in inexpected happenings

    You are right, there is a problem with grouping groups. Currently it works only with sprites. I will add this issue and we'll fix it. Regarding group anchor. Group acts different than sprite, it is a container with x, y coordinates and no width and height. Therefore there is no anchor point for group.
  24. shmikucis

    Custom project links/IDs

    Actually this is a point to buy subscription, 5 USD a month isn't that much With basic subscription you get private account and nobody could open/edit your project even he knows url.
  25. shmikucis

    Free subscription question

    Hi oranjoose, it is 30 days after project is created. But we haven't implemented it yet, so projects won't be deleted for now. My estimation on automated project deletion - it will be ready in one month time. Of course there will be a timer with how many days/hours left and email notification.