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  1. We have just released a new game to the Google Play Store and Amazon App Store for all Android Devices 4.1+. We used Cordova 5.1.1 and Phaser to build the game in HTML5 and it was delightful to program. It is a simple casual-style, family-friendly puzzle/strategy game where you sort various types of trash into appropriate bins while distracting and eliminating raccoons that try to block your path. The standard version can be found here: https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.newtindustries.garbinge The free, ad-supported version can be found here: https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.newtindustries.garbingefree Happy sorting!
  2. I'm putting together a basic top-down scrolling game and I have three groups of background tiles moving down the screen. I also have a character I add as a sprite but cannot get it to show up on top. I've tried bringToTop(), adding it to another group, enabling physics (like the background ones), adding it last, adding it first. My State object has three groups set at zero z and the sprite at 5 and it still never shows up. If I don't ever create the other groups, I'm fine. Does it matter that my character is a class derived from Phaser.Sprite instead of just a sprite? I can't find any reason this is happening. Thanks
  3. So, I'm working on some basic game design using Phaser and I'm starting to want to throw in a GUI and was wondering two things: 1) What is the projected method of implementing a UI WITHIN the framework? DOM over the canvas? SVG rendering inside a canvas overlay? 2) If I were to want to use a DOM overlay, what methodology for allowing the passthrough of click events would be best? Does anyone have experience with that? Difficulty: IE compabitible. Thanks a lot. Love the project. Best one I've seen by a mile.
  4. My overall process of getting the code to compile took about 30 minutes (removing a bunch of question marks) and changing the private variables in rectangle to public. It works, or seems to. I haven't dug too deep into the full library so I may be missing something but my understanding of the code changes I made seem like they'd be work-around-able if not nominal.
  5. I wanted to get a first project running in Phaser and it was an extremely difficult process. I managed to find clues about configuring the csproj file to support the correct output and ecmascript level and that got me most of the way but, when it tried to compile the Phaser Typescript code, it found two error groups. 1) It said optional parameters were not allowed with default values. SO, everywhere in the project that there was "varname?: type = value" there was an error. I had to remove the question mark from each of those locations. 2) The QuadTree inheritance from Rectangle was rejected because _halfwidth and _halfheight were marked as private. Is this typical or a known issue? I couldn't find anything in the forums or documentation (such as it is). What versions of TypeScript have been tested? Are there compatibility flags that need to be set? Thank you.