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  1. Hello everyone! Is there a way to change canvas size to preloaded background image size? And only after that do the code at create function. Thanks.
  2. coo stuff! Would be interesting to watch progress.
  3. alexche8

    My library of games

    Nice! Visualy looks good. Are you using some frameworks?
  4. alexche8

    [Phaser] Starcounter

    Thanks for response! Actually I did not do mobile support, so it is surprise that is work fine ) I will do mobile support in future maybe and will try tell more easy about rules.
  5. alexche8

    Eminence: Xander's Tales TCG

    Hi! Very cool design, would be interesting how project growing Will you use your own js framework/tools or maybe external library?
  6. alexche8

    [Phaser] Starcounter

    Sorry, forgot about link. Link added.
  7. alexche8

    [Phaser] Starcounter

    Hi everyone! I just finished developments for my game Starcounter. It simple arithmetic game where you click the stars and get points for right combinations. I did do it difficult for now. It is having 1 simply level, but I hope you will enjoy it. I will be happy for some reviews, comments, etc. Thanks for your time!
  8. alexche8

    Problem with different text color in text group

    Thanks Rich. That's it.
  9. function generate_hex(){ return '#'+((0.5 + 0.5*Math.random())*0xFFFFFF<<0).toString(16); } var style = { font: "24px Arial", align: "center" }; var texts =;var text = 'hello';for(var i = 0; i < 5; i++){ (function(t){ // var t = game.add.text(10, i * 25, text, style); t.fill = generate_hex(); texts.add(t); })(game.add.text(10, i * 25, text, style) )} Idea that I want five lines of text with various color. Problem that all 5 text lines has one color - last that generate_hex function generate. I know this kind of problems happens in loop - that's why I using scope. But it is not helping now. Please help
  10. alexche8

    List of Phaser Tutorials
  11. alexche8

    How to update position of drawRect

    Does it work for version 2.0.0 ?
  12. alexche8

    List of Phaser Tutorials

    lessmilk, I propose to do some categorize when gamelist becomes large Like touch, mouse, code structure, etc. Or some tagging.
  13. Does Anyone known about good touch-related phaser tutorials or game with that kind of source code? Phaser examples is having only two post about touch events - one about debugging and another about joystick. And they both does not describe touch events work well I think. Because in debug example all magic occurs under the hood and joystick example used secondary library. Please, link there, if you know good staff about this. I think i will be helpful for all. Thanks.
  14. alexche8

    List of Phaser Tutorials

    Hi, just found some tutorial. . Maybe not in list.
  15. alexche8

    Space Action!

    Hey, I lose health if I fly around the aliens. Is it right logic ?