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  1. Its been a long time but we are finally ready to release a public alpha of Super Combat Squadron. Multiplayer is included. Try it out and we would really appreciate it if you provide feedback! We are just a tiny team doing this in our free time and feedback is like gold to us.
  2. sanojian

    [WIP] Super Combat Squadron

    Okay it is been a loooong time since an update. What can I say, game dev while working full time is a slow process. But we are getting very close to a demo release and so here is a gameplay video of a match between myself and another developer, @WiLD11
  3. sanojian

    How to protect my games?

    Here is one that I think does decent obfuscation and can also site-lock.
  4. sanojian - Strike Tactics spin-off

    This is a really great adaptation from your Strike Tactics game. You did a great job to make it more accessible and more fun.
  5. sanojian

    [LD39][Phaser]Universe Hopper

    No, when you are under rocket power.
  6. sanojian

    [LD39][Phaser]Universe Hopper

    It extends in the direction of the mouse relative to your ship when you first click.
  7. sanojian

    [LD39][Phaser]Universe Hopper

    Universe Hopper Jam game made for Ludum Dare 39.
  8. sanojian

    Admob phonegap

    Are you compiling for Android? I had a hell of a time this week using a cordova plugin and it turned out that the latest Android SDK broke cordova support. I had to overwrite the tools folder in the v25 SDK with the tools folder from v24 of the SDK to get it to work.
  9. sanojian

    [WIP][Phaser] MotorSpeedway

    Plays nicely. The AI cars need to get better as you play more and upgrade your car. After a few races you can blow them out without any effort. If you could add skidding/drifting, I think it would add a lot of fun to the driving.
  10. sanojian


    Its a new weekend, so time for a new release I added PvP and mobs that fight back. Still lots to do before it is really a game, but it is slowly coming together.
  11. sanojian


    Yes, I am using sockets. Some plans for the future: PvP Loot and equiment, inventory, etc Experience and levelling Alilities and spells Permadeath, like most IO style games Lots of zones and monsters A high score board
  12. sanojian


    Yes it is multiplayer! I had a small bug in the netcode when I published last night so after about 10 players joined, no new players could get in to multiplayer mode. It should be fixed now. WASD to move, click to attack, ENTER to chat. There is not that much to do yet but I am working on adding features (at a hobbyist pace)
  13. sanojian

    [WIP][Phaser] Just like the name says, its a tiny little MMO where you can explore, fight, gain loot and experience with your friends. This is a re-write of a game I made a long time ago. So far you can: chat play as three different classes kill a few monsters change zones run around for no apparent reason refresh when the game bugs out for whatever reason (when in doubt, refresh)
  14. sanojian

    Pixel Cave [roguelike]

    I really like this game. The graphics are charming and it is very well polished. I am only missing sounds and music.
  15. A Ludum Dare 37 game about manic vacuuming. Company Incoming!