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  1. frame.html
  2. I just found this function I wrote a while ago for dealing with this issue: clicking the PG parents box1 to box2 using the parentMesh function.
  3. Look at bone scale code. Edit: Eh, I thought about it some more and the lack of local matrix might be a problem.
  4. The bone scale method might be helpful:
  5. Here's an example:
  6. If you don't need the exact vertex position, you might be able to use bone.getAbsolutePositionFromLocal.
  7. adam

    Illuminated City

    For those with ad blockers (at least for ublock origin), you will need to disable it to get the page to load.
  8. adam


    You might be able to use the Tower of Babel exporter for this. I've done this to make my character blink / squint.
  9. adam

    Leaderboard sample

    I'm not going to be able to get to this right away. When I do, I'm going to need to discuss how we should deal with styling. edit: It would be nice if the slider would continue to work even if your pointer moves off control (to the right for instance).
  10. adam

    TYPESCRIPT in Playground

    who was denigrating javascript?
  11. adam

    Leaderboard sample

    Here's a PG I created a while back that might be helpful:
  12. @dbawel In this case, FPS = First Person Shooter.
  13. I'm not sure exactly what you're trying to create, but this might be helpful:
  14. There is also setPivotPoint. edit: Maybe you tried it already.
  15. I started to look at this on the debug PG, but didn't get far because of an error with OIMO: