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  1. You should try using an octree:
  2. or translate before rotating:
  3. You could use CustomMaterial:
  4. OIMO does it like this: You can edit shape.collidesWith and shape.belongsTo in an oimo rigidbody:
  5. childMesh.setParent(null);
  6. Sorry, I've been busy and I wasn't sure how you would deal with making the Pixel props accurate if they were not initially set using pixels.
  7. Animation blending

    In the past I've noticed some weirdness with animation blending, too. I think this could be due to blending matrices instead of quaternions.
  8. or you can just use TweenMax/TweenLite like this: (you won't have to do the s.onload part - that's just for the PG)
  9. In this PG I created a heightPixel property on BABYLON.GUI.Control:
  10. cloning mesh across scenes

    You could add that to feature requests on github.
  11. @dbawel Hopefully these fixes will help to resolve the issues you had been experiencing.
  12. cloning mesh across scenes

    I'm pretty sure you're going to have to import them all again. That's what I ended up doing when I was considering using more than one canvas in my project.
  13. Maybe someone could add this feature to the PG. Here is just a test: You should be able to load a .babylon file using that PG.
  14. Difficult Task