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  1. adam

    Pivot and position 3.2

    I just found the original commit and I did write that. Sorry I don’t have time right now. This PG example still seems to work correctly:
  2. adam

    Pivot and position 3.2

    I don’t remember writing getAbsolutrePivotPoint. I do know that I wrote getPivitPoint. @JohnK
  3. adam

    Math for moving rotated objects

    Checkout the mesh getDirection function.
  4. Me: Trs-80 -> c64 -> Amiga500
  5. Underneath the hood it does.
  6. adam

    Why don't use `` ? will never be a bottleneck in BJS, but for educational purposes:
  7. adam

    Why don't use `` ?

    BJS doesn't support IE <= 9. IE doesn't support WebGL until version 11.
  8. Add min max pitch to lookAt:
  9. adam

    Performance under Unbuntu and Chrome

    Setup dual boot so you can have the best of both worlds.
  10. adam

    Energy.js playground

    Chrome redirects to https for me. I was finally able to view the PGs in Firefox, though. Thanks
  11. It looks like that is just for lensflare:
  12. You might be able to do something with CustomMaterial:
  13. You can also use the "Flat Shade Entire Scene" option in the Blender Exporter: The faces that aren't showing might be due to face normals pointing inward.
  14. adam

    What's next?

    @aWeirdo What do you mean by isVertical? Can’t you just check the rotation to determine if it is vertical?
  15. adam

    API Documentation

    Use the search feature at Edit: I just realized that last link is dynamic terrain not dynamic texture You can also use the PG search: