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  1. Here is one way to do it: another:
  2. What could be wrong? The sphere is not following the tube. How about providing the link to the PG?
  3. I'm not sure if there is anything you can do for this. It appears to be an FF warning - not an error.
  4. I think if you edit your original post you can add [Solved] to the title.
  5. var worldPathPosition = BABYLON.Vector3.TransformCoordinates(localPathPosition, mesh.getWorldMatrix());
  6. You need to convert it to a flat shaded mesh.
  7. edit: pickedPoint is incorrect, though I added updateCoordinateHeights:
  8. I just want to make sure you realize you don't need to use that makeParent function. You can do this:
  9. You can do this by creating an updatable ground mesh:
  10. solved

    You would have had a faster response time if your PG was more focused. I had to delete some unnecessary code that was causing some errors. This PG demonstrates your issue: There appears to be a bug in BJS when setting euler rotation when using a physics in imposter. For now, set rotationQuaternion:
  11. You can use setParent or addChild for this: with keepWorldPositionRotation set to true.
  12. The error I'm seeing in FF is: Error: WebGL: texImage2D: Conversion requires pixel reformatting. Found this in FF code:
  13. I got the font to load here: There was a breaking change that changed the constructor:
  14. solved

    function degreesToRadians(degrees){ var radians = degrees * Math.PI / 180; return radians; }