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  1. SPS
  2. This does look like a bug. I tried a different approach and I get the same results:
  3. Here is the OPTIMIZE_WITH_UV code: and the computeNormals code: Maybe you can see something there that will give you an idea what is causing the issue.
  4. I don't think you need to set the vertices after recomputing the normals. If you have to, VertexData.applyToMesh seems to work:
  5. For those of you following, this issue continues here:
  6. This looks like the same issue you had in the other thread.
  7. It looks like you might need to change the pivot point of your mesh. Try using mesh.setPivotPoint:
  8. I have a fix for this and will be submitting the PR shortly. edit:
  9. Try recalculating your normals in Blender. edit: I think letsbro and johnk have the better answers. This doc could be helpful:
  10. I submitted a PR to fix this.
  12. That does look like a bug.
  13. This RayHelper class might be helpful:
  14. Rotate the bone before the scene is rendered. Take a look at this example: